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You Cannot Make Potatoes Sexy

One word: fingerlings.

Jan 16, 2012
parrkdale in Features

Where to buy Fresh Fish, what day of the week?

Well, Big Fish it was, for a nice hunk of whole salmon. It was Atlantic, and not organic, but "farmed and govt inspected," $7.99/lb., cleaned and deboned for stuffing. It was a nice place, very clean, and they'll take your number if you are looking for specific fish in the future- I miss bluefish from my years in NYC/Connecticut, so they promised to call me next time they get in some Boston blue. Thanks everybody!

Where to buy Fresh Fish, what day of the week?

Thank you. I called Mike's, and they didn't have too much, and are getting a bit more in tomorrow but said they are a little slow this week due to lower demand post new year's. But in that same directory, when I clicked on the "fish" tag, also listed "Big Fish" on Queensway near Royal York, who told me that tomorrow they get in some east coast organic salmon at $8.99/lb - which sounds pretty good to me! Etobicoke is not that bad of a hike out, and I will go for it if no other collective wisdom comes through.

It would be great to find a reliable source for the future in the near west downtown. I had heard that the healthy meat/food shop at Annette and Runnymede has organic Irish salmon for $16.99/lb, but they were closed today (Mon) when I did a driveby. There are lots of small fish shops in different neighbourhoods...Kensington, Ossington/Dundas etc ...but I don't know the quality and best days of the week. The Lobster House (?) that used to be on lower Augusta in Kensington was a nobrainer; apparently chefs shopped there daily, but then the store moved to Scarborough.

Where to buy Fresh Fish, what day of the week?

Hello there, I am a newbie Chowhound looking for a source of good, fresh, whole fish (organic if possible?) in the downtown west area. I searched the board and found only a lobster discussion.

Ideally I would buy it today or tomorrow, for dinner Tuesday night (Ukrainian Christmas Eve).

I understand that fresh fish gets delivered to stores on certain days, but I don't know what days those are; does anyone know? Thanks!