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Best sushi for $80 pp or less

based upon your description it seems like the best advice would be hamasaku. sounds like exactly what you're looking for. melrose and kings road or sm blvd and sepulveda-ish. melrose location is better albeit it a bit la vs. vegas inspired.

May 26, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Thai food in Santa Monica/Venice

i second the bangok west suggestion. i've tried a few of the others mentioned and the quality of food is considerably better here.

Feb 09, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

hippest LA eateries

animal on fairfax

gordon ramsay @ the london hotel (wouldn't reco based on their usual prices but with the deals they're working now i'd say it's a go).

and then for the westside:



Feb 04, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Riva in Santa Monica

big fan here too. thought the food was a bit cleaner and simpler at fraiche but liked the refined riskiness at riva. liked the seafood dishes quite a bit and felt the pizza's were better than at mozza. the pignoli pizza with pancetta, tomato and i believe reggiano was exceptional.

Feb 02, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

What makes Tito's so good

i see this attitude and short sighted inaccuracy pop up on here a bit too often and having lived both on the east side and west side it's pretty frustrating to see. i actually find it works the other way and that on average it's the people living on the east side that don't venture west - and it's not because there's a lack of good food... let's be honest there's no chichen itza, langer's, pie n' burger, yuca's, phillips bbq or for that matter providence, sona or whatever but there are a ton of very good restaurants - tacos por favor and lare's, tamra's tamales for example have considerably better food than tito's. in general i see this kid of thinking on here quite a bit and it usually surfaces in the generic recommendations people make when suggesting west side restaurants, but when someone lays it out like you did i feel it deserves to called. i also would like to see people digging a bit deeper, there is good food on the west side and it's a shame it's kind of being overlooked.

Feb 01, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

What makes Tito's so good

in regards to what makes tito's so good it's the same thing as pink's... NOTHING. biggest riddle in LA for me.

Jan 29, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

it's been said before but for what you're describing:
father's office
lucky devil's
hungry cat
comme ca
bowery bar

Jan 29, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Big Jo's Santa Monica -- Worth a Try?

i'd skip it for anything else but their breakfast sandwiches - hangover soothing east coast greasy spoon style bacon egg and cheese's.

Jan 06, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Santa Monica's Main Street

oops forgot bay cities, bangok west and musha. and sorry, although i don't think any of the above are rip offs (although i've heard it said about capo) they don't all quite fit into the urth price range.

Jan 05, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Santa Monica's Main Street

as a former new yorker i put some effort into this for you... the restaurants on the top of each section are closer in proximity to main street and as you scroll down they get further away but everything is in either santa monica or venice with the exception of hide which is in west la.

axe - weekends only

chaya venice
tacos por favor

via veneto
chez jay
la botte
locanda portifino
fathers office
giorgio baldi
cafe delfini

sushi king
the hump

late night:
bravo pizza
holy guacamole
abbot's pizza

Jan 05, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area

Gordon Ramsey at the London lately?

was there last night. beautiful room(s), above average service, and although the food was good it was lacking the top level finesse i was hoping for. most of the food was excessively rich and felt a bit uninspired. in terms of menu choices/ingredients it felt like a menu written 4 years ago rather than 8 months ago, which wouldn't be a problem if the food was of the simple, clean, timeless variety but when dealing with this level of richness the flavor(s) should be more carefully finessed and in better balance. i was there with three others and we all netted out in similar places. i had the seven course tasting menu as did one of the others at the table. good, not great. as far as tasting menu's go you'd be better served at providence or sona.

Jan 05, 2009
dfoldes in Los Angeles Area