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I won the Le Creuset True Memories contest!

Not the grand prize :) Just wanted to make a splash. I did win a piece of Le Creuset valued at $235. That is all the email told me. Pretty exciting day!

Oct 02, 2010
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Advice on chicken fryer needed.

I have a got a Wagner 1891 chicken fryer, it is used for chicken frying exclusively. Would soap on this cast iron harm it in any way? After flour/buttermilk mixture sets in crisco and cools down it is tough to clean. Help needed!

Jun 01, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

steeling Shun knife with Wusthof steel

I spoke with the Shun rep at Williams-Sonoma when I bought my Shun Kaji. I have a Henckels twin cuisine set and spoke with him about using the Henckels steel to sharpen it. His exact words were, "The Henckels steel will work just fine with the Shun"

May 09, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Le Creuset vs. others. Why is it better?

I bought the Calphalon cast iron enamel 5 qt dutch oven from a store going out of business for $31. My father gave me a Martha Stewart cast iron enamel 7 qt dutch oven for my birthday. Both of these were in the past year. I bought a 30 yr old cast iron precision pour Le Creuset sauce pan off of ebay. The Calphalon and Martha Stewart bubble, chip, and stain. Both cook decently though. The Le Crueset does not bubble or stain and cooks better than both. I do not know what makes the Le Creuset better, it just is.

Apr 24, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Another knife question (I know they never end)

Got the 8 inch chef's last week. Loved it so much I decided to put my Twin Cuisine set on Craigslist to see if I could get the bread and paring knife to go with it. Many replies to the offer but no takers. BTW, that is awesome CheeMiss that you have had a knife since 1973!

Mar 21, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Another knife question (I know they never end)

The Shun Kaji is on sale at Williams Sonoma. I am looking at getting the 6 inch chefs, the cleaver, and the boning knife. This is for people who have these or people who have tried them out and decided they did not like them. Do you like the Kaji or not? Why? Thanks!

Mar 12, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Buying new cookware...

Your kitchen have fun with it. Every piece I bought, have either been a try me piece or a piece bought from a going out of business sale. I recently bought a 30 year old Le Creuset saucepan from ebay, it was in wonderful shape. I purchased the cast iron enamel skillet from calphalon for $25, the 5 qt cast iron enamel calphalon dutch oven for $31, the 8 piece Henckels twin cuisine cutlery set for $170, and the calphalon 3 qt tri ply stainless for $23. I found the calphalon cast iron baker for $20 and like a dumb a** let my father buy it. My suggestion would be to write down everything you would like brand name and retail price and start searching for the best deals. Do not be afraid to compromise if you find a better deal. I wanted to get a Le Creuset dutch oven but could not pass up the calphalon when I saw it at $31. These are just a few of my great finds, the only piece in my kitchen where retail was paid was the Le Creuset fondue set my mom gave me for Xmas. A few pieces remain on my list and I will search them out.

Do not worry about the "right" set. I know many people who have the most beautiful cookware only to see it hang spotless in a hanging rack while they are at the trendiest restaurant. If cookware made porn, my cookware would resemble a "worlds largest gang bang video." It is stained and dented. My kitchen and cooking provided a sense of normalcy to my son when his mother left. My son's friends love having dinner at the house and my fiance and I love to spend Sunday mornings making country ham and pancakes and watching reality shows on VH1. Good luck and have fun. Building a cookware/cutlery set is an ongoing process, it never gets old and never gets boring!

Jan 12, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Need help with a knife selection

I got my Dad a 6" Shun Classic Chef's Knife for Christmas. He has used it but it is for right handed people. He asked me if it was returnable and it is after checking with Amazon. He is in the kitchen quite a bit and uses a chef's knife a lot. What are some good replacements. I have the Henckel's Twin Cuisine set and am thinking of getting him one of those. He is shorter than I am and has smaller hands that is the downside to the Twin Cuisine set. He has never spent more than $20 on a knife and I would like to get him a nice one but also one that justifies the purchase price. Thanks!

Jan 11, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Best Way to Clean My Stainless Steel Cookware

The inside of my calphalon tri-ply stainless 5 qt saute pan is spotless and the pan is not warped at all. The outside of it looks a crack house that has been taken over by homeless people. The pan still cooks as good as the day I bought it, so I really do not worry about it. Mine was purchased at clearance for $30 from TJ Maxx, if I had an All-Clad I might be bent out of shape about it.

Jan 08, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

Williams and Sonoma GC

$200 at WS is pretty cool, they have some great sales if you are willing to wait but keep your eyes open. Here are some suggestions on the OP:

$100 Shun Classic 6" Chef's Knive
$60 All Clad brushed stainless steel 8" fry pan
$50 Simplex Copper tea kettle, this goes on sale about twice a year, call the store to see what they are charging it is usually $115 this is probably in my top 5 kitchen pieces that I own.
$50 Calphalon One nonstick grill pan
$80 Boos edge grain maple cutting board 24" x 18"
$6 you can always find the off season dish towels on sale, they are so much better than the ones I bought from Walmart
$135 4 qt All Clad soup pot with ladle
$100 Le Creuset 2 3/4 qt Dutch Oven

Those were just some of the items I found scanning the WS catalog that came on Saturday. Enjoy the gift card!

Jan 05, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware

What online stores do you use for cookware purchases?

I have been upgrading my cookware in the past year with all of the stores that have been going out of business. Since a lot of the analyst are predicting a retail bloodbath this year the brick and mortars may be the best place to get great deals.

Jan 04, 2009
soccerdadinctown in Cookware