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Taste of Sonoma - Good or Bad?


Just moved to the Bay Area last fall. Saw the line-up/run-through for the Taste of Sonoma weekend up at MacMurray Ranch. Has anyone ever been to recommend or scare me away? Is it an overwhelming experience with mayhem or more controlled and calm and worth it?


el bulli documentary?

Anyone know if the el bulli documentary has already passed through San Francisco or is upcoming? Poked around online and couldn't find info on it. Thanks.
Ugh - apologies.

Landmark Embarcadero Center Cinema -- November 11th – 17th

Has anyone ever ordered takeout from Marcello's? Does it hold up well?

I order take-out from there frequently. Pizzas hold up fairly well -- sometimes need a little bit in the oven, depending how hot you like your pizza. Salads are fine. Pastas -- I've done the gnocchi with meat sauce and the spaghetti & clams and both are consisntently delicious.

And now I'm craving it...

Where is the wow factor on Hawksworth?

I had the tasting menu as well. Couple of wow dishes, couple of very good. My biggest issue was with the noise-level. Table of 4 on a Wed night and the place was deafening. We all were having to lean in and borderline shout to hear each other.

Major disappointment - Vera's in Gastown

I visited the one on Main St and it was, in all seriousness, the worst hamburger I have ever eaten (at least, the 1/3 of it that I ate). I honestly would take a Big Mac over what they served me.

I do love the Refuel burger. Anyone tried Petit Chauvingol's? Andrew Morrison was raving about it recently.

Where should I get my shwarma fix in Vancouver

I'm a real fan of Babylon - in particular the one on Robson.

DDD in Van

Wow -- I didn't think my Dottie's breakfast was too big at all. I was staying around the corner from there last weekend and lined up @ 7:15 am for the 7:30 open. I didn't actually know it had appeared on his show until afterwards. I thought the cornbread was good -- but it needed the jelly to make it special, which I thought it was.

DDD in Van

Deacon's Corner would qualify. Don't know if they have enough interesting stuff, but their portion-sizes are serious business.

I just ate a place in SF that he visited called Dottie's. The portions weren't extreme, but the food was amazing. Chili-cheese cornbread with jalepeno mouth just started watering.

Coconut Creme Pie - suggestions on where to find a decent one!

That ice cream is unbelievable.

bachelor party

Boneta, also in Gastown, would be a good bet as well. A bit more loose than L'Abbatoir.

Quick Help Please - at the Hyatt Regency, want Chinese seafood...

I've had dinner and dim sum @ Imperial. It's good, but pricey. Where did you end up?

Vancouver - Pad Thai?

Bingo, fmed. I had the pad thai this past week from Bob Likes Thai Food and it was right on.

Marcello or Lombardo's on Commercial - Vancouver

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in the NY-area until I was 25. Marcello's is closest I've found in town. When I brought a friend of mine here who is from NY, he thanked me since he no longer had to 'chase the dragon.' :)

Marcello or Lombardo's on Commercial - Vancouver

I do love Marcello's gnocchi and their spaghetti with clams. And their pizza is the closest I found in town for NY style.

Vancouver visit next week - too many decisions - I need help!

Agree. Red Star has surpassed Sun Sui Wah for me.

Vancouver visit next week - too many decisions - I need help!

If you live in Redwood City, pass on the Belgian beer stuff here and go to The Refuge in San Carlos. Just as good a selection. And that pastrami is amazing!

Date Night Suggestions?

I had the 6 course omokase at Octopus Garden last night and was very disappointed. Not only were my friend and I still hungry, but I found the dishes to be nothing-too-special/interesting. Perfectly fine on the quality of ingredients, but very pedestrian overall.

Vancouver Steak Houses

If you're a Morton's loyal, would strongly reco Gotham.

Edible Canada at Granville Island plus other savoury snacks

I did -- with the shoyu (with soy sauce) broth. Now I want it again!

Edible Canada at Granville Island plus other savoury snacks

grayelf - I couldn't get the ramen off my mind, so went the following day on Saturday again. my god it's good. :)

Edible Canada at Granville Island plus other savoury snacks

Thanks grayself.

re: Santouka, I am exactly like you re: fat on meat, but the bowl of toroniku ramen I had there is one of the single best things I've eaten in my entire life. Seriously. And I kind of get around.

Date Night Suggestions?

I've never been disappointed by Tojo's....until the bill shows up. It's extraordinarily expensive, but as long as I'm not paying, it's been amazing.

Best not-too-expensive pub in Vancouver?

Strong votes for Cascade and Alibi Room (beers especially)

Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA

Chambar Thoughts:

I agree -- the Congolaise mussels are my fav. Those + fries + a couple of orders of bread to sop up the sauce and it works out pretty well as dinner!

En Japanese Restaurant Review

Wow -- talk about a place that had fallen off of my radar! Glad to hear it's still delicious. Will have to venture to the neighborhood!

State of Vancouver Food Blogs 2011 – The actual post…

well said

State of Vancouver Food Blogs 2011 – The actual post…

It's good that he's riding off into the sunset, as he clearly has developed over-inflated sense of self and importance. Food bloggers aren't curing cancer. They're not even charging money. Readers are grown-ups who can choose who to read and what to do with what they read.

To spew that kind of vitriol about people who enjoy and write about food for fun is just sad, misguided and indicative of someone who thinks they're more important than they really are.

Best place to watch a Red Sox game in Vancouver?

I'm a Yankee fan, so I hesitate to make any recommendations for you.....

I'd check online to see if Fox, TSN or Rogers Sports Net is broadcasting the game. If so, any sports bar in town will do. If not (e.g., it's on ESPN or YES), then G Sports Bar on Granville can get any game.

Lumiere closing. Now what?

C Restaurant has various tasting menus as well, with wine pairings. Worth looking at.

Gratitude for Latitude: pan-Latin on Main St.

I enjoyed their brunch too. Their tres leches french toast is excellent.