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Safety of Ceramic Nonstick Cookware - "Ecopan"

I emailed the company, and they promptly replied. In case anyone's wondering, here's what they said:

"Ceramic coating is an inorganic, nonmetallic material. Also, because it is ceramic and not PTFE nonstick, it is more durable to scratches. Nevertheless, the chemical composition of ceramica is quite similar with sand and clay so if it does degrade, it will not give any effect to health (non-toxic).

As for its nonstick properties, we use silicone as a top coating for the interior. Silicone is a type of synthetic rubber created from bonded silicon and oxygen. Silicon by itself is a common component that makes up the Earth's crust - about 28% of them. The only trade-off is that the silicone coating is not as nonstick as teflon. It can only withstand up to 400F. So we do not recommend you to use high heat while cooking, just low to medium to increase the life of your cookware. Since, our coating are water-based, when you overheat your pan, this top coating will just evaporate to water."

Jan 17, 2011
tsbbklyn in Cookware

Safety of Ceramic Nonstick Cookware - "Ecopan"

A question on ceramic nonstick cookware - is it safe? We've been using our new "Ecopan," purchased at HomeGoods, which says it is PTFE and PFOA-free. The Ecopan Web site says it uses a water-based coating, which does not produce any toxic fumes. But it doesn't say what else is in the water-based coating.

It's really light and easy to clean. In fact, it's been working so well for us that we're not using our Le Creuset skillet, which used to be our go-to pan. But I do want to be sure the Ecopan is safe -- any ideas?

Thanks so much.

Jan 17, 2011
tsbbklyn in Cookware

Does jarred tomato sauce go bad?

Hello, I'm cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, and found two jars of Rao's tomato sauce hiding in the very back. They're at least a year old - and probably older. At $9/jar, I don't want to toss them unnecessarily -- does anyone know whether unopened, jarred sauce goes bad? There's no expiration date.. Many thanks!

Jan 03, 2010
tsbbklyn in General Topics

Hello, Boerum Hill!

the best thai in the greater boreum hill.cobble hill.carroll gardens area is Nine D, hands down. it's on court street, deep into carroll gardens, towards the expressway, but it is definitely the best in the neighborhood.

Jan 03, 2009
tsbbklyn in Outer Boroughs