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Jan 05, 2009
jenneyb in Site Talk

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

fantastic. we are very excited to try cuisine that will be unique to toronto. we will be in the city for several days, so we are definitely in search of a well balanced range in our dining experience. we are just as excited, if not more excted, about the no name local favourites. even if a restaurant isn't extremely convenient...what's a cab ride once you've flown 7hrs?

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

thank you again for all the great feedback. my fiance was curious about Grano? any opinions?

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

thank you so much for the suggestions. we will take up the advice on the mexican food! the sushi i am surprised about, only because other than a few humble exceptions, we've never found the sushi here (in phx) to be anything more than pretentious. we are really excited to look into all of these options! PLEASE keep them coming!!!

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

hi all.

we are getting married in april and decided to land in toronto for our honeymoon, as we have never been & have of course heard wonderful things about it being an international culinary destination. please help us with suggestions of where to eat & possibly even where to stay. (we are torn between the drake, the hazelton & Hôtel Le Germain) we are aiming for the opportunity to explore everything from eclectic neighbourhood spots that are all about the food, to upscale fine dining and everything in between. please help us filter through the trendy touristy spots and dine where you love. my fiance & i are totally wine geeks, so boutique wine lists are the way to our hearts.

also, we are flying in and first heading to jordan to stay @ the inn on the twenty for a couple of days. so we'd love ANY recommendations for food/to do's regarding niagara.

thanks so much!!