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New Westside Churrascuria: Brasa Brasil Grill

I have been here a few times before, the price is very reasonable and the food is good. I have always been impressed with the buffet bar of side dishes, especially the different type of vegetables. The meats are well prepared and who can ever go wrong with picanha and bacon wrapped chicken.

A group of us went last night but this last trip left a pretty disgusting taste in my mouth. While I expect things to be salty, it was WAY over done this time. We found out that they would charge $2.50 for each beer we brought in. (They do not serve alcohol so it's BYOB with a corking fee.) And the worst has got to be that they charge $1.50 for hot water.

While $1.50 really is not a big deal, it's the lack of foresight and lack of insight about good business practices that ruins the dining experience for me. When we pointed out the $1.50 charge listed as "MISC. FOOD" on the bill, the head waiter proceeded to argue that most restaurants charge for hot water and we should check in the restaurant next door. He explained that in his MANY years of experience working in Beverly Hills, this was common practice. At the end, he refused to take off the $1.50.

While I love the food, I just cannot imagine going back there. I really hope that this is not indicative of the way this restaurant takes feedback.

Jan 03, 2009
FattyTommy in Los Angeles Area