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Daniella's Gelateria in Greenwich--Simply OUTSTANDING

I'm afraid I totally disagree about Daniella being any good. I am from Italy and I found the gelato at Daniella very disappointing:( I had high hope and was very excited to finally have real gelato here in Greenwich, but unfortunately that isn't the case with Daniella: way too sweet, not creamy nor "airy" enough.
The only place that I really like and where I find the gelato to be almost as good as back home is Gelatissimo, in New Canaan. I love that they always make gelato with what is in season (had a wonderful mango gelato the other day!) and the texture is excellent. Plus, not unimportant, the prices are a little more "human"....daniella is ridiculously expensive..
Just my 2 c.

Farmers Market near Woodstock, VT

Thank you! I'll definitely check out the Woodstock Farmers market store. It sounds great.
I love Woodstock and can't wait to be there this w/end!

Farmers Market near Woodstock, VT

Thank you all so much for your feedback and tips. I will definitely go to the Norwich mkt and I had forgotten the King Arthur Store is right there -I love that place! Haven't been there in a couple of years so it's time to go back:).
Apple picking and farm stands also sound just what I was hoping to find.
PS: Tupelohoney44, my husband says thanks!

Finding Passionfruit pulp in NH

Catzen, what a great idea! To use it in a salad dressing, in place of the citrus (I usually use lemon with extra virgin olive oil, not vinegar). I also love Asian inspired salads - I am soo going to try it!
Btw, if you don't have a ShopRite in your area, have you tried a) the Goya website, for a distributor/retailers list b) a hispanic market near you (the ShopRite where I find it is in a nearby town with a large hispanic community - always a guarantee to find a great variety of fruit/produce items, meat cuts and seafood species not commonly found in grocery stores!)

Finding Passionfruit pulp in NH

I don't know if you have any ShopRite supermkts in your area - that's where I buy it here in SW CT, in the freezer section.
I do agree, it is a lovely and addictive product! I use it for homemade gelato, creme caramel, I add a splash to some coffee cakes batter (eg when I make a cake with mango) and, trust me on this, try adding a splash to your simmering strawberries if you make strawberry jam...delicious!!

Farmers Market near Woodstock, VT

I'll be in this area next w/end (Sept. 26-27) and would love to visit a local farmers mkt and stock up on good stuff. I'll be able to go on Saturday (hubby running the VT 50K on Sunday!) and was considering the Mt Tom mkt and the Norwich one. Any recommendations/preference b/w the two? I checked out Norwich's web site (looks very good, and also has an elk meat vendor, nice plus!), but can't find any website link for Mt Tom - is the latter much smaller?
Plan was to (leisurely!) drive around, enjoy scenary, go for nice walks, etc and fit a farmers market visit in between. Dinner plan is at Simon Pearce (early dinner, see 50K mention above!).
Any tips, suggestions on local farms, vendors, lunch spots etc. are very much appreciated.


If you mean guanciale (the cured pork cheeks), I don't know where you can find on LI, but if it helps I usually get it from Niman Ranch (it's excellent). If you check on their website maybe you can find somewhere local to you that carries it.
Buon appetito!