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Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Yikes...Did Zanaro's go through Seismic Change? Three attempts or so have been c-

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

nice mention jburger...the burgers at American Post Inn are Spectacular.

Options near Ritz Carlton Westchester?

Thanks D!

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

I'm new to CHOWOUND, but old to WP (moved in temporarily in 2000 and never left)...and have tried to add my .02 to some of the threads and stayed out of the trash talking.

But a few thoughts after reading about my home town, and the bashing that Iron Tomato, Antipasti, Via Quadrano, The Ritz, Trump, Etc. are receiving. We have some decent, some good, and some very good restaurants. There is generally better food in Manhattan and Queens...but we have Westchester quality of life and Westchester Prices (which are significantly cheaper than Manhattan...yes while still being outrageously high). But

I used to refer to downtown White Plains as little beirut when we moved in...I much prefer on a Saturday around Noon to walk to the book store, head to starbucks for a coffee with my paper, or catch a movie (well frankly, that was before our son was born...not so easy now)...and it is much easier to indulge my inner and outer gourmand today than years ago.

When we moved in our restaurant choices within walking distance was the awful Thai place (nice owner) on Main and Broadway...a splurge for Bengal Tiger...and that was about it other than fairly lame italian at Laguna, etc.

During the warmer early evening you will see us walking with the family down Mamaroneck from our condo (God forbid...sorry Dolores), taking a stroll to Iron Tomato for Gelato, an espresso, or down the street to Big Apple Smoothie for...a smoothie. It is our "not as pretty" version of the after dinner stroll down most main streets that happens in Italy. A date night can involve a walk to one of 7 reasonably good restaurants.

I was eating at La Bocca one night and Delfino walked in...I almost interrupted his meal to ask him to take the White Plans development plan one step further...Friday and Saturday nights (maybe Thurs), block off Mamaroneck Avenue and the area surrounding the fountain for Pedestrian only traffic. Shopkeepers would stay open longer, restaurant's could do what they often do in Piazza towns and put tables out on the sidewalk and street. I think it would rock and foster a more family friendly and 30 something friendly community. Cops on Horses to keep the adolescents from going to crazy.

In the mean time, I will enjoy my cheese plate with a glass of Malbec at Antipasti, my steak at 42, my Vindaloo at Bengal Tiger, my strolls with the stroller to Iron Tomato, my Tapas at Peniche, my Asian Market on Hamilton, and La Boccaor Tango for a quiet romantic meal. Yes we need more Lefteris' and cheap eats that are not dialed down milktoast...but it is sooooo much better than it was. Enjoy our town and community...get out there, eat drink and be merry!

Steak in White Plains?

Non-Westchester best steaks are F&J in Midtown, and Lugers. Best steak I have had in Westchester, hands down, 42. Not just a steak place...but if you are in it for just the piece of meat (not to mention a decent view and wine list) I would go upstairs from BLT anyday of the week. RC, Mortons...don't waste your time.

Steak in White Plains?

A shocker that a Lord of the Rings themed restaurant didn't make it in Westchester :)

That place with decent food.

Options near Ritz Carlton Westchester?

Dolores, your other 4 please.

Bengal Tiger, White Plains

I am a broken record re: Bengal Tiger...simply the best Indian in Westchester. Thanks for the review HFM. Will try the Shrimp next time.

New Menu at Zanaro's in White Plains?

well...until this radical change...simply the lamest Italian food in Westchester. Ugh.

Indian food in the westchester area?(lower)

Nothing Revolutionary Here...Just the Facts...I won't bore you with all the subpar (though decent joints)...if it is just about the food, Bengal Tiger is tops in Westchester...though for Ambience I prefer Bollywood in Pleasantville or the new joint in Irvington down by the water (forgot there name), but neither compare regarding the food to BT. A price step down but reasonably good is malabar hill in Elmsford. Enjoy. t

Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP? are completely correct. Yes they did spend a fortune on the space...
...sad to say, we are in walking distance (home and office) and I rarely go there. It is good enough...but not good enough for the money. Strongly recommend going for a glass of Malbec (very reasonable option) and antipasti...not blown away otherwise...we will keep trying though do to proximity. Good eatin, t

Sunset Grill - White Plains


White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

have done Aberdeen...thought it was barely above average...guests seem to enjoy but truly nothing special. Only once..will give it another shot..thanks jwg.

Sunset Grill - White Plains

Someone please get over there to Eat and report back. We drive to Ridgefield, CT for the best Green Chile in the region at Southwest Cafe.


Heading to Indonesia in 2 weeks

posting Late, but for others: most of the street food is quite good. I did not partake, but for those inclined, you will find "Magic" Mushroom Tea Stalls on Trawangan and in other areas (certainly not the norm in NY :). Go Spicy or Go Home. The outdoor markets off the beaten path are for the adventurous...I popped a pepto pill every day to keep reasonably hydrated...I remember meats lying out in the sun...literally teeming with flies...but that is what the restaurants will end up serving you anyway if you are way off the Beaten Path. Ubud and Kuta you can get anything you want. Frankly, avoid Kuta all together...Ubud, though Touristy is special...but the food is not. Good luck!

Eating at Tarry Lodge

Went Friday Night 1/02/09

Lupa is a regular haunt for us while in town, with Babbo the special treat...we live in Westchester, so as you can imagine, we would find our way to TL. Overall, a B+ and an enjoyable night...but does not have the sharpness of Lupa, which is a more reasonable comparison than Babbo. That said, the staff was awesome, our waiter Dan was exceptional...much friendlier group than downtown.
--antipasti Carne was excellent
--Antipasti Verdura was decent
--side of Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta is an easy win
--Eggplant Parm was nice
--Branzino was not that exciting
--pasta dishes were rated as good
--Gunciale was too heavy, and one dimensional.

So when compared to Lupa...I would suggest...a ways to go. As compared to other Westchester Italian...a delightful evening with friends. The wine suggestion was spot on, and five of us ate well and had a bottle of wine for 200 with generous tip.

Of note, this is actually a very kid friendly joint, probably in part because Nancy has a 14 month old. One of the most pleasant dining experiences in Westchester Italian.

Good Eating, T

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss. Nice Work! Accurate Assessments...other than Ianelli's deserves a bit of a boost vs. what you are suggesting...their portabello mushroom with crabmeet and goatcheese for example is not the norm. Cheers, T

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

If I may, here would be recs from someone who overindulges in pursuit of food, and this is the passable to great imo:

High End:
--42 is slammed on Chowhound...I had a great meal there...NYTimes just rated it excellent.
--the rest are overpriced
Upper End
There are a bunch of Italian joints that are good, but you always look at the check afterwards and think: not that good. I live in Downtown White Plains, so we do go to these places for convenience:
--Via Quadranno
--La Bocca (this has the best personality of the three)...but can smell a bit funky

--Peniche is enjoyable enough for Tapas

Tango Grill: I have had 4 great meals there: WARNING, one night we had a long, expensive night with many bottles of good wine...on of my business partners swears that they switched one bottle for another on the bill. They denied it. Then we sent our Lawyers there, and they had the same experience (unsolicited). This could be random weirdness...but I track the bill there more carefully.

--Bengal Tiger: One of the few EXCELLENT restaurants in Westchester, and better than any other Indian.

Average: There are plenty of average Italian joints at average prices...probably the best is Ianelli's (formerly Amangiere) on Mamaroneck Avenue.

Now don't throw me under the bus for this...but if you need easy one stop suits all (less adventurous), don't rule out Cheesecake Factory.

I have found no really good Chinese, but after 9 years I must admit never making it to Bao's. No great Chinese. Not a sushi freak so I am the wrong guy. No great French. These are the walkables.

Asian Temptation is nothing special.

Good luck.