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Mexican Pescadillas = fish tacos?

I have actually had pescadillas in, of all places, Cancun, a Mexican location not really known for its food (although cocina yucateca is really wonderful). There is a very small seafood stand called El Galleon del Caribe that is located almost directly across from the Royal Solaris Hotel on the Lagoon side, not too far from the Airport. It is right on the lagoon, and not visible from the road at all – down a flight of stairs. The fish is local and is finely chopped. It is placed in a tortilla that is folded over and quickly fried. It is served with a mild warmed salsa that is made with Guajillo chiles. The place is referred to locally simply as Las Pescadillas. Tacos cost 13 pesos each (about $1.05). This place is not easy to find, but well worth it. Any of the laborers in the area will know it, as will the waitstaff and cleaning staff of the local hotels. They also serve fresh fish (whole or by the piece) as well as Camarones con Ajo (Shrimp with garlic sauce), but the real attraction is the pescadillas. (I have attached a photo of one - sorry about the bite that is missing, but it was so good, I could not restrain myself).

Dec 08, 2012
bartender in General Topics

Hammer Stahl Knives

I have had a complete set of Hammer Stahl knives for three years and use them daily. They hold an edge well, but I do steel them as I use them. I have sharpened them probably no more than twice a year, if that. These knives are typically sold at food and beverage shows, home shows, etc, and typically sell for approximately 50% of the prices listed on the HS web site. I think they are good value. I particularly like the filet knife, and use it as a boning knife. I find them comparable to the Henckel knives that I have been using for almost 30 years.

May 01, 2012
bartender in Cookware

The Pastrami Dilemma

Whatever the US delis are doing, Schwartz's (Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen, for the purists) makes their smoked meat the same way it always has, by hand, and locally spiced, brined and smoked. None of the New York pastramis that I have had, inclduing Carnegie, Secod Avenue, Katz's, Stage and many others, can compete.

Mar 01, 2012
bartender in Features

Most (Or Oddest) Ice Cream Flavours?

My personal favorite has been Black Pepper ice cream. I can't remember where I had it, other than the fact that the restaurant was in DC. I have made it at home successfully, and it was wonderful. One of the most intriguing was the Egg and Bacon ice cream served at the Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal's over the top eatery in Bray, UK. It is assembled tableside, and frozen with liquid nitrogen. At one point I had visions of trying to craft this at home. I then checked out the recipe in Blumenthal's Fat Duck cookbook ( I had to do this in a library, since I could not easily afford the book itself - the recipe is illustrated on YouTube), and decided that I was more comfortable in a kitchen or restaurant than a laboratory.

Apr 30, 2010
bartender in General Topics

Stockton Farmers Market

Purely Farm is there. While they had mostly lamb and pork today, they also carry chicken. The foks from Bobolink told me their chicken was excellent. Some of these places take plastic, but not all do,and some have a minimum for credit cards (for Iannelli's, it is $20). There is an ATM across the street.

Feb 28, 2010
bartender in New Jersey

Stockton Farmers Market

I have been meaning to go for some time, and finally made it to the Stockton Indoor Market this morning. I agree - it is not a "farmer's market." It is, however a wonderful collection of artisanal food purveyors, and after the weather this past week, it was a real Oasis. The original draw for me was Bobolink Dairy and Bakeyard - this is so much more convenient than driving all the way to NYC or to their farm. We got some wonderful cheese ( Old Drumm and End Game - the latter is incredible). as well as some pretty decent bread. Metropolitan Seafood yielded smoked scallops, Arctic Char, and really good fresh sea urchin. I can get sea urchin where I live (near Philadelphia) but not as fresh as this, and I usually have to purchase a whole tub. I used the Uni with Pom Pom Mushrooms from Chettie's exotic Mushrooms with a little Crab "Gravy" from Iannelli's Bakery to make a nice pasta this evening. We also stopped at Highland Gourmet Market, and bought Shepherd's Pie, Seafood Pie, more cheese, lovely applewood smoked bacon, pastries and assorted other treats. After I dropped everything in the car, I went back in for some Fair trade coffee, and saw the Pizzas at Iannelli’s. I had to pick one up. We had the spinach, ricotta, garlic, tomato and gravy pizza for lunch.

All in all this is a wonderful resource for the community. It provides an opportunity to support local growers, importers and artisans, while not shortchanging the consumer in any way. An added bonus is that it is right next door to Phillips Wine Store, one of our favorites.

Feb 28, 2010
bartender in New Jersey

Looking for a place for dinner with my kids

I will be in Manhattan for a show in the area of West 44th Street and 5th avenue next week. I am looking for some place to have dinner with my kids. Nothing too fancy - ethnic is fine, deli is fine, as is pretty much anything else. Any suggestions within a 20 minute walk of the area would be appreciated.

Aug 13, 2006
bartender in Manhattan


I am unexpectedly going to spend a few days in Acapulco next week. I am looking for small family run or family style restaurants - no chains, American-Tourist focused or otherwise non-Chowhound friendly restaurants. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Aug 13, 2006
bartender in Mexico