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What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

Two days ago I had my first KFC grilled chicken filet and I was just blown away by the taste so much so that I bought ten $2 orders= ($21 with tax) to take home and eat with my salad to last me the rest of the week.


It tasted better than the $15 fancy gourmet chicken entrée I had at my trendy local bistro.

I've stayed away from KFC most of my life because of health concerns over their original recipe's fried chicken which by the way doesn't have the same gorgeous flavor it had when I first tried it back in 1968.

Today's original recipe no longer has that subtle hint of clove and nutmeg that I remember back then as a 9 year old first opening that bucket. It had such an impact on me I still remember it to this day.

KFC's grilled chicken filet has impacted me the same way that I had to post a comment which is rare especially for fast food.

Mar 04, 2010
Tim Lookingbill in Chains

Yes, Virginia, there IS a tender pork chop - help!

I know this is an old thread but felt compelled to post after getting off the phone with a John Morrell customer service representative complaining about how they hide the fact that they include a 12% brine solution of sodium lactate, salt and water in their bulk boneless pork loin steaks I buy at Albertsons for $2.99 a pound.

Those on salt restrictive diets can't see this because the company prints in black ink on their dark red Morrell label the brine ingredients in tiny lettering where even my 49 year old eyes didn't see it. I wondered why my pork steaks were coming out so salty but quite tender. Now I know why.

Other than that I think their steaks taste OK, but only after putting a very thin coating of dijon mustard (to much makes it too salty because of the brine) and a dry rub of ground black peppercorns, smoked ground black pepper, ground cumin, minced dried onions, garlic powder, fennel, sage and rosemary.

Makes the bland pork taste like a Monterey rib-eye steak.

Jan 02, 2009
Tim Lookingbill in Home Cooking