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Cozy cafe/coffee shop in North York?

Cafe Mirage at the corner of Yonge and Sheppard, beside Spring Rolls. The hot chocolate is only okay but they've got couches, a cozy atmosphere, internet, great desserts and some decent coffee drinks.

Where to Go for 19th Birthday?

I'm turning 19 and would like to go to a bar with good live music and a young crowd for my special day. It would also be nice if the menu featured some tasty (and preferably inexpensive) dishes. I'll be going out with around 15-20 people so space could also be a factor. I've been thinking Sneaky Dee's, Graffitis, Velvet Underground, Sound Acadamy, or Underground Garage Urban Saloon. But have never eaten at any of these places. Any suggestions, recommendations or thoughts on the bars I've been looking at would be more than welcome.