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Your best tomato recipes please - worthy of the tastiest specimens!

Bruschetta. I don't have a recipe but could (and have) eaten it by the spoonful.

Chopped tomatoes, little garlic, lots of basil, little olive oil, salt and pepper. Place on baguette (rather toasted or fresh). Top with goat cheese crumbles and reduced balsamic vinegar.

Can also spread the log gouache cheese on bread first and then too with the balsamic vinegar.

My 14-yr doesn't even like tomatoes and I had to make it three days in a row for her.

Jul 31, 2014
motomom in Home Cooking

Tips for busy families in the evenings

I have two in club soccer 10 months a year. I get home from work at 5:30, practice begins at 6:30, 45 minutes away. I use my slow cooker for red, white and black beans. Sometimes I add meat, not always. I will also pre-measure different kinds of rice into the steamer and premeasure water and leave it on the counter. When the first child gets home, she adds water and cooks the rice. I also do salsa chicken, soups, etc. I find that pasta meals work well warmed up. They usually eat before I come home (DH travels Tuesday-Thursday, so I'm on my own). I grab a piece of fruit or a snack. We typically get home around 8:45-9:00pm. By then the kids are hungry again. It's usually toast, eggs or dinner reheated.

BTW, every second of chaos is worth it. My children are athletic, focused and with sports they learn discipline and self-esteem. They learn to manage their time to get homework done before I return home at 5:30. Some nights I may be helping the younger one in the car and then help the older one in the evening. One has Monday/Wednesday practice the other is Tuesday/Thursday.

Jan 12, 2014
motomom in Home Cooking

Shrimp & Grits

I have everything I need to make shrimp and grits for dinner tonight. But, I have read though so many recipes my mind is completely twisted up and confused.

Would you kindly give me your favorite recipe? My only restriction is that it cannot be completely overindulgent with fat. My husband is training for an ironman in May. If I can make it "look" a little healthy I may be in the clear.

Grilled chicken, fish, veggies and protein shakes become boring, even if I am not consuming the shakes.

Thank you, my craving thanks you.

Jan 12, 2014
motomom in Home Cooking

What food like/dislikes do you have that are contradictory and make no sense?

Love salsa, dislike tomatoes
Love a eating a steak off bone, gag with eating chicken on bones.

Jan 02, 2014
motomom in General Topics

Looking for inexpensive non-seafood in Katy

We like Dekkars when we have a little extra time. There is a new Italian restaurant down 1093 (in strip mall by La Finca). Suppose to be great, have heard from several people. Marini's Empanadas on Mason.

Dec 10, 2013
motomom in Houston

Gas Station food offerings

Not fair, Buccee's is not just a gas station. You can buy $400 Yeti coolers there.

Dec 07, 2013
motomom in General Topics

Thanksgiving disaster!

You must insist she do thanksgiving next year. Hang out with family, watch a long movie and on your way through the kitchen for your third glass of wine be sure to raise the temp on the oven to 500 and sit down and enjoy that whine!

Dec 07, 2013
motomom in Not About Food

Are You Snacking on Anything Right Now? *Happy Holidays Edition*

Aged Gouda squares with fig preserves. Sweet, salty and addicting.

Dec 03, 2013
motomom in General Topics

Large piece of top sirloin - what else besides grill?

Once in a while growing up my mom would cut it in 1.5" cubes and marinate the top sirloin. After a few hours she would place it in flour and fry it. Not the healthiest, but you'd be surprised how much meat disappears when it has a nice crusty fried coating on it.

Nov 27, 2013
motomom in Home Cooking

It's nothing to be ashamed of but.......

Love the juice/blood from a quickly cut up steak off the grill. We have children so we cut it on a cutting board. It used to gross out my husband, now he sops the bread for me before the 8 year old spots it. Reminds me of my dad and I fighting over it.

Nov 08, 2013
motomom in Not About Food thank you.

She doesn't pay for a is a company-paid meal. There is always a huge tray of veggies and condiments left over.

Oct 09, 2013
motomom in Not About Food thank you.

I mentioned no family style!

Oct 07, 2013
motomom in Not About Food thank you.

I completely see where you are going. Rice is part of the meal. When one person eats only the entree portion, the fairness of who pays for what gets caddywompass.

I order catering for our office frequently. Because we do not have a lot of options, we frequently do fajitas or a great little greek place that delivers. We have a few people that "like their meat". What this means is they load up on a plateful of steak fajita meat, top with a mound of cheese and off they go, or they will take three Greek chicken breasts and none of the rice, salad, etc. It screws up the portion sizing and head count for the rest of the group.

If I know these people are not in a particular group lunch, I will order these types of lunches. However, if these people are in the attendee list, I stick to portion controlled lunches (boxed lunches, if a baked potato bar, take a potato, a pre-portioned cup of meat, etc.)

I get many people are still on the low carb kick. However, it is the meat portion of a meal that is expensive and it is rude to load up on the most expensive portion of the meal. Really, who wants to have a tortilla, sour cream, veggie fajita because someone was inconsider and wanted their meat?

Go to a restaurant where you are unable to eat family style. It's the easiest way to end the frustration because unfortunately, either these people don't get it, or frankly don't care.

Etiquette question

You should not have approached him on this subject.

Next time he is invited over to dinner, magically run out of all hotsauce. If he asks where it is, tell him you either ran out or took it to work with you and forgot to bring it home.

Three things will happen (1) he will get the message, (2) he will find a new condiment in your refrigerator, or (3) he will go out to his vehicle to get his home. In that case, lock the door while he's gone.

Feb 05, 2013
motomom in Not About Food

Where do YOU buy fish and seafood?

There is a seafood market that is located at Belleaire and Boone, kitty corner from "Happy Feet" massage. They are Asian, have fresh catch of the day, nervier know what it is until you show up, and is cash only. Hours are determined based on supply. If they are out, they close. They always have very fresh shrimp too.

Nov 23, 2012
motomom in Houston

Maggi Seasoning sauce in Houston

You can find it at the HEB on Beechnut for $1.09/ea. I picked some up from my neighbor who is originally from Mexico City. In fact, I picked her up six of them. There are two varieties, one made in China that is thin and watery and the other is made in Mexico that is thick and flavorful. The latter is the one that is sold at HEB.

Also, this HEB is quite unique from most that I've been to. They cater to the Hispanic/Asian market and have many items you do not see in traditional HEBs.

Oct 17, 2012
motomom in Houston

It's been a while

OT: I had an attack last Dec with no warning, nothing. I thought I was having a heart attack, my DH swore it was heartburn. I only got heartburn while pregnant and that was not the cause. After being in the ER for 9 hours on morphine and all other goodies, they did an scan and found a 1" gallstone stuck in my bile duct. Had that bad boy burst, I would have been in dire shape. The recovery from surgery was a little longer than I expected but I'm in great working order again. Get some insurance and take care of yourself. It's a horrible pain, and I've had kids!

Get better soon.

Jul 14, 2010
motomom in General Topics

Non-ravioli use for egg roll wrappers

What I do with leftover wonton wrappers. Put a piece of jalapeno (fresh or canned) and a dollup of peanut butter in the wrapper. Seal and deep fry. Not healthy, but stupid, crazy good. I'm now "famous" for these when we go camping with a group. Note, a cold beer may be necessary depending on the heat in your jalapenos!

Jan 27, 2009
motomom in Home Cooking