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Mulefoot Gastro Pub--Imlay City, MI

Several Living Social deals for Mulefoot. I opt'd for the $69 dinner for two w/wine. Resv required. Saturdays & holidays are excluded:


Jan 26, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

El Guanaco; Troy/DTW

Address & more:


Jan 19, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Fifty Years - DTW

I was asked why Polish Village Cafe is not included - a fair question. I could go either way. I am leaning towards including it. Here is their history:


What say you?

Also; I noticed that I failed to include Cadieux Cafe. I have not been able to determine the year it first opened ... other than the usual mentions of being a Prohibition era speakeasy.

Jan 19, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Fly Trap - Ferndale (DTW)

Double'd in size? That's a good start ... I hope their kitchen mojo does not decline!

Jan 17, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

El Guanaco; Troy/DTW

I like El Guanaco. I like it a lot. Not fancy. Actually; it's a hole in the wall.

Service was prompt and attentive.

A small bowl of salsa & basket of chips was delivered immediately. I liked the medium spiced, thick, chunky salsa. The chips were good and not over-salted.

I ordered the Salvadoran equiv of fajitas w/chicken, beef & shrimp. The amount of food was generous. The proteins were nicely seasoned and hot. The grilled vegetables were fresh and grilled to perfection. The raw veggies were lettuce, cucumber and tomato. All were fresh and chilled. The two tomato slices were fantastic (for winter). The flat bread (brain-fade ... tortilla-like) was warm with a good texture and taste. Better than any tortilla will taste. I will order again.

I ordered a side of fried plantains. They were very good and served hot. I will order again.

Tiny space. Cramped parking. I was asked to sit at a table too near the door; cold and breezy. I should not have accepted that seating - my fault. They need a 2nd door on the entryway to at least break the cold breeze whenever the door is opened.

I counted eleven (11) 2-top tables that MIGHT squeeze four, if you are really friendly and don't order much food.

No liquor license.

Sign on the window says WiFi ... is wrong. No WiFi.

CCW friendly.

I will return.

Jan 16, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Fifty Years - DTW

I have added a few more restaurants to the list ...

Dow's Village Inn
Green Lantern
Ivanhoe Cafe


Jan 16, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Props to Royal Oak (Detroit area) Holiday Market for soup bone service today

I'm worried about the salsas in their dining area not being "on ice." I got a SERIOUSLY upset tummy from Carnival last month ... 'nuff said. I cannot prove it was the salsas, but I am suspicious.

Jan 15, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Boogaloo Sandwich/Sauce @ Chef Greg's Soul -n- The Wall [DTW]

It's a tangy, red sauce. A cousin of a BBQ sauce. Different, but in a good way.

Jan 12, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Boogaloo Sandwich/Sauce @ Chef Greg's Soul -n- The Wall [DTW]

Boagman and I went in search of the seemingly extinct Boogaloo sandwich/sauce ... and I found it at Chef Greg's Soul -n- The Wall restaurant (carry-out). Greg admits that he did not get the recipe from Brothers' Ribs, but he's confident in his reconstruction ... and from my memories of Brothers' Ribs 20+ years ago, I think he has nailed it. He is not an amateur in the kitchen. He is a graduate of the HFCC culinary program and has a background doing event catering for Marriott in LA and Detroit.

He offers several Boogaloo sandwich alternatives:

- 6" or 8" sandwich
- Drenched in Boogaloo sauce ...
- Toasted white bun ... (I'm dreaming of a fresh baguette)
- American cheese ...
- Protein choices are:
-- Loose ground beef; or,
-- Shaved steak as the protein; or,
-- Chicken as the protein

The sandwich comes with crinkle-cut fries and they were prepared perfectly. But the fries are just fries. Good; but nothing special. I did find myself dipping my fries in the Boogaloo sauce.

I opt'd for the steak Boogaloo. The food is cooked to order and arrives hot from the grill. It is the same sandwich from my hazy memory. I tried to buy a bottle of sauce, but he did not have bottles in-stock. Shucks, I'll have to visit again. Note to self: Pack an empty sauce bottle.

He also does an excellent butter crust, peach cobbler that is served warm. I recommend it. Splurge. Get the large serving.

The SW corner of Curtis & Wyoming is not a great neighborhood. I'll visit during daylight, but not after sunset. I was able to park on the street, right outside the front door. There are two 4-tops, but the seating space is somewhat cramped ... and I only recall seating for six(?).

Given the tiny space, Greg seems to-do mostly carry-out. He works his craft behind ballistic plexi and has a pass-thru for money and food ... but he came into the dining room to chat briefly.

What would I change? Sauce on the side, but I like a pretty light touch with most sauces/toppings.

WiFi? No.

CCW friendly.

Will I return? Yes!

Why 5-stars? Greg delighted me. He resurrected the Boogaloo sandwich and seems to be doing great food, under difficult circumstances.


Jan 10, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Detroit Yea a Ramen House da Johnny Noodle King


You do good work here and elsewhere. Thank you.

Jan 10, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Brothers' Ribs in Detroit--Jean's Sauce of the Islands

> Pepper Palace ... lime BBQ sauce

Is this the website? Or; a restaurant? Or?

The website lists several line BBQ sauces ... which one?

Jan 10, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Tried Mandaloun Bistro in Southfield today [DTW area]...

Four of us visited Mandaloun Bistro for dinner last night.

We had a 6:30PM resv, arrived at 6:25PM and were welcomed by the hostess and directed to a public coat rack in the lobby. We were seated immediately.

The dining room was not busy. Maybe 4-5 other tables were occupied. When we departed, maybe ten tables were occupied.

On my prior two lunch visits, "rocking" chairs was a problem. Not tonight. I hope that this matter is indeed, permanently fixed. I also had prior problems with the Guest WiFi password ... nobody knew it. The password is their phone number, without the dashes. Now, even with a solid wireless connection, I could not get beyond their router, to the internet. There were a couple of trivia details that we wanted to look-up ... fail.

I seldom order alcohol with lunch. When asked for our drink order last night, I learned that Mandaloun has not *yet* secured a liquor license. I failed to inquire if they permit customers to BYOB. If wine:liquor is important; call ahead to determine if this matter is remedied.

We shared two appetizers; Ful Medamas and Calamari. The Ful Medamas was very good. The four pitas were warm and fresh. I will order it again. The Calamari? I was expecting crisp, golden rings of goodness. We were served seven calamari sticks, on a bed of shredded cabbage. Not what I was expecting. The preparation was perfect and the taste was good. I just kept getting flashbacks to my childhood introduction to seafood ... being Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks. I just cannot get past "fish sticks." I will not order again.

Our entrees included:

- Baked kibbe. Excellent.
- Lamb's tongue & dandelion greens (two appetizers). Excellent.
- Stuff eggplant. Excellent.
- Roasted stuffed lamb w/rice. Good. I don't grasp the appropriateness of "stuffed." It was shredded, over a bed of brown rice, nuts, raisins & gravy (on the side). It was tasty, but a tad dry (over-cooked?) I will not order again.

No desserts were ordered, but it did reinforce a persistent service problem. Our waitress seemed to struggle with basics. We didn't recognize one of the desserts she mentioned (Ashta? Ashtar?) and inquired, "what is it?" She stammered for maybe 10 secs before finally getting out the word: pistachios. Not particularly enlightening. She certainly did not sell the dish.

Other service oddities: She tried to place the entrees before clearing the appetizers. The tables are not THAT spacious, and she seemed flummoxed how-to proceed. We suggested clearing the appetizers, no cogent response or action. Another server noticed/overheard and immediately came to her rescue. Good teamwork.

She did offer to split the check. Hurray! I wish more places would do this - and do this without grimacing.

Will I return? Yes.

Jan 04, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

graduation party for about 75 in/around Ann Arbor

Since you mentioned Livonia, consider Mama Mia in Livonia, Plymouth Rd, west of Beech Daly. Their banquet space can easily handle your group. Excellent banquet staff. Many items on their menu, never yet been disappointed. They will also do separate checks without fussing.

Jan 03, 2015
rainsux in Great Lakes

Private dining room for 30 in DTW

Mama Mia's (Livonia) does a very good job with our sports car group.


Dec 30, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Oxford Inn in Royal Oak to close their doors at the end of January (DTW area)

> I'll have to make it down there sometime in January for one
> last half-slab (or, perhaps this time, a full slab!) of ribs.
> They're still great ribs, and they won't be around much longer,
> it seems.

Want company?

> Jim Brady's ...

Seems that Mary is willing to spend serious coin to make this an anchor operation and expand the downtown restaurant area.

> Country & Western ...

Good grief.

Dec 24, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Bonnie's Kitchen (Bloomfield Hills - DTW)

RIP ... I saw this one coming. They seemed to lose their mojo and consider walk-in customers a drag on their catering business.

Dec 23, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Tried Mandaloun Bistro in Southfield today [DTW area]...

WooHoo! Mandaloun Bistro is a re-boot of Le Chef; formerly of NW Hwy, south of 14 Mile. I've been mourning the closure of Le Chef. Same owner(s), essentially the same menus and still a white linen table cloth operation serving up excellent northern Lebanese fare. Few restaurants seem able to survive the stretch of NW Hwy between 13 Mile & 14 Mile ... hoping that their new location can support the business.

This new space is considerably more contemporary than the prior location and is still a white linen table cloth operation.

My first visit was for lunch: Lebanese salad (see pic), warm pita, gyro (see pic) and iced tea. The salad was excellent; fresh, crisp, chilled and lightly dressed. The warm pita is a nice touch. The gyro was warm and also excellent. The total was only $9.54 before tip.

My server was prompt, attentive and knowledgeable.

WiFi is avail, but nobody on-site knew the encryption password.

CCW friendly.

The only downside:

Seating. My first chair rocked quite a bit as it was missing one chair leg cap/tip. While waiting for my food, I noticed four other tables that each had a chair with the same problem. I mentioned it to my server. He said it's a known problem. They've been open long enough to find:fix these chairs. It's a mighty cheap and simple fix ... and rocking chairs are enough of a nuisance that I am withholding one-star for now.

Dec 23, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Best Middle Eastern in Dearborn area?

I just returned from lunch at Mandaloun Bistro (Southfield). If you are seeking northern Lebanese cuisine in a contemporary, white linen table cloth setting ... they are worth of your consideration. See the reviews in the other thread.

Dec 23, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Tried Magdaleno Italian Restaurant in Lincoln Park, MI tonight...

> I really, really wish they weren't that far away. Even
> when I'm at my parents' house in Ferndale ...

I concur. For us, Magdaleno has become a "when returning from Ohio stop." Or; "when returning from Grosse Ile" stop. Sadly(?) most of our returns from Grosse Ile are via Air Doug, and a stop at Magdaleno just ain't possible.

Dec 22, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Tried Magdaleno Italian Restaurant in Lincoln Park, MI tonight...

Hurray! Magdaleno has a liquor license again (after their prior business partner departed with it).

Julie was our server. In one word; excellent! She knows the menu, the specials, the preparation ... and her job. She was attentive, without hovering.

The calamari & shrimp appetizer was generous and perfectly cooked. The sauce, on the side, needed a bit more horseradish.

The house salad is chilled iceberg, cherry tomatoes, onions, croutons w/optional parm and pepper. It is a good salad, not a great salad.

I opt'd for a dinner special that included: Two petite lamb chops, two small spicy Italian sausages and two medallions of beef. They delivered three small sausages, three medallions and two petite lamb chops. I ordered medium. There was only the tiniest hint of pink ... I accepted it. I didn't ask who was cooking. Next time, medium rare.

My bride ordered a pasta special. Tasty, but I forget the details.

Dec 22, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Tried Mandaloun Bistro in Southfield today [DTW area]...

Thank you!

I think this may be a reboot of Le Chef, formerly at NW Hwy and 14 Mile.

Mgr has the same name. Very similar menu. Same square plates. Same ambiance...

Dec 20, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

ZAPIEKANKI the Famous Polish Sandwich,Nalaniski stuffed with Farmers Cheese [Sabina's, Melvindale MI]

Thank you for the review. I'll have to add Sabina's to my "drive home from airport rotation."

Dec 04, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Beans & Cornbread [Southfield/DTW]

> unless the tiny sweet potato muffins were consumed.

Yup. And Alicia, bless her heart, brought us seconds.

Dec 01, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Beans & Cornbread [Southfield/DTW]

I was pleasantly surprised ...

Stopped at B&C last night, Thanksgiving eve, at 5:45PM. The parking lot was mobbed. Never seen people double-parking at B&C before. I can see LOTS of folks waiting inside ... and I'm not the least bit keen about lengthy waits for food.

They are mobbed inside too. But there are six [6] empty four-tops and two booths begging for someone to take their payment. Good grief. Has B&C lost their service mojo? (No.)

I'm puzzled. WHY are all these tables empty when there are customers standing? I finally work my way up to the hostess and inquire about "the wait." She advises that we can be seated immediately - the mob is all waiting for carry-out orders.

Alicia is our server. She is prompt and attentive. My bride orders her usual (ribs) ... and Alicia apologizes that they've (already) sold-out of ribs. Wow. Our orders are placed ... and Alicia reappears - we've got one, half-order of ribs - you want'm? Of course!

I like their trio/combo; pick three proteins and two (or three) sides. Catfish, rib tips & pork chop w/glazed yams, mac & cheese and red beans & rice. All are excellent.

Dunno if the mob awaiting carry-out orders is a typical week night, or if it was simply a Thanksgiving eve thing ...

The only downside? Their WiFi is seriously unsecured. Unwise to use it for any websites/appls that 'login'.

Nov 27, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Thanksgiving Night in Detroit (Downtown)

Open Table is an easy and quick way to determine who is open late.

Nov 19, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Dayton, Ohio

Nov 19, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Nice Restaurant near Rock and Roll HOF [Cleveland]


Oct 22, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Nice Restaurant near Rock and Roll HOF [Cleveland]

+1 re Lolita

+1 for Lucky's, but they only do breakfast and lunch.

Both are in Fremont.

Oct 19, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Nice Restaurant near Rock and Roll HOF [Cleveland]

OP wrote> Looking for a nice, not too expensive restaurant near the HOF

Lola is convenient to RRHOF, but I doubt it will meet the OP's "not too expensive" constraint.

Oct 15, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes

Mario Batali finds in Michigan

Lynn Rosetto Kaster interviewed Mario this week on Splendid Table. He mentioned several farms where he sources ingredients.


Oct 05, 2014
rainsux in Great Lakes