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I loved Nutella, but for health reasons I need to seriously limit my sugar intake. Has anyone seen a reduced sugar version of nutella or have a good substitute?

Aug 13, 2006
mattie75 in General Topics

Incorrect activation code

I clicked on the activation code in the e-mail - got activated, posted, looked around a bit and then when i checked my e-mail again I had another e-mail that told me to click to activate. I thought maybe I had done something wrong, so I clicked again and got the error message that you have listed above. No one else activated for me - I was the only one home (unless the cats have skills I'm not aware of)

My e-mail provider is Merrimac communications (

Aug 13, 2006
mattie75 in Site Talk

A week in Milwaukee

I love Kegels for a fish fry - we have friends that come up from Chicago who insist on going there if it's Friday. Another option if you are in the West Allis area is Forty8 - looks a bit like a dive bar from the outside, but the food is FANTASTIC. There are only smoking seats, but they have such a good ventelation system I've never had a problem with smoke. Another hidden gem in the area is 4th base - amazing food - no menu - they have a fresh case - you take a look and tell the waitress what you want, how much you want and how you want it cooked. It was also great!

Milwaukee--Habanero's Mexican Kitchen

I've been there twice for dinner and once for lunch. The food is excellent the service is great - lots of classic options as well as some more traditional tastes. If you are a fan of Margarita Paradise or Fiesta Garibaldis you will recognize some of the waitstaff since they are transplants from those places.