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Excellent Sushi in Greenwich or Westchester???

i think they have a whole kitchen - its a basic japanese sushi place - we order in at least once a week - they deliver quickly too.

Excellent Sushi in Greenwich or Westchester???

true - the dairy inn could use an upgrade (and some 409 !).
meanwhile - where in the area do i go for chinese ???

Excellent Sushi in Greenwich or Westchester???

ok - i feel like i am talking to myself ! we found a hole in the wall, kiku, in stamford on hope street near the Twin Rinks. it reminds me from the outside of those places in LA in the strip malls but believe it or not it ranks with any of the places we ate in nyc for years.
as far as seafood shop around the corner from kiku on Camp avenue is New Wave seafood. they are a supplier to every high end grocery store in the area and everything is fresh and the guys are wonderful. and their chowder is terrific.

Desperate for good chinese !

moved to stamford 2 years ago and ate at Li's in Darien which has since closed. Tolerate Hunan in Greenwich but please HELP . . .
oh and Happy new year