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Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

I've been to Grace Garden a few times before it got discovered by the mainstream media (The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post). I went in today - well, the front door was inexplicably locked two hours after opening time, so it took a few minutes of peering in from the cold to get the waitress's attention to unlock it - for the first time in a while and was surprised to see they'd really improved the decor.

Unfortunately, that was the last positive emotion I experienced for the next two hours of dining there. We encountered the following issues:

- It took them 20 minutes to take our order
- It took them an additional 35 minutes to deliver our first dish --> An HOUR passed between sitting down and receiving food
- The "waiters" are clueless and unorganized. One of the guys from the kitchen (clearly not trained to be a waiter) would frequently come out of the kitchen and have a confused discussion - in full view of customers - with the lone waitress about which dish was going to which table. Sometimes he would come out of the kitchen holding a dish, realize the waitress was doing something else, and deliver it himself without a word. Note: He speaks English, as he demonstrated in his bewildered discussions with the waitress.

We weren't the only party to encounter troubles. Another table approached the waitress saying that they were almost done with their meal - except for the one of them whose food had not even been delivered. This might be understandable given the party of 14 another table, but they had pre-ordered their food, so the staff should have been prepared for the large order.

I was hesitant to post this review because I am emotionally invested in this restaurant and want to see this family succeed. However, it is in their best interest to hire wait staff that is at least marginally competent. Despite the fact that I found the food to be okay (disclosure: I ate the Home Style Tofu), I am writing this review based on my overall feelings when leaving the restaurant: seething with anger after waiting an hour while watching an utterly disorganized and clueless wait staff fumble around with dishes.