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My Kingdom For A Good Bagel!

Eli's in Freehold sucks. I used to go to Eli's in Matawan and had great service and bagels. Freehold location has a cook that tends to over cook the bagels. More over their is a weekend staff that is rude and has horrible customer service. The "staff" tends to greet certain ethnic customers with warm welcomes and quick efficient service. But slow inconsistent service for others. They also seem to pick and choose when to offer cooked food. Today 1/1/09 they posted that the store was open until 1 PM. At 11:15, when I arrived they refused to cook a sandwich since the grill was closed. The weekday morning staff provides good service, but I cannot give them my business ddue to the issues with the bagels and the weekend staffing.

I then drove a mile away to Manhatten bagel who was also closing at 1 PM and had great service, hot cooked food, and better bagels.

Jan 01, 2009
teedoff in New Jersey