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What foods give you heartburn?

I too have the ironclad gut - with the exception of a bottled barbeque sauce that is loved in Southeastern North Carolina - called Carolina Treet. If you travel through these parts and anticipate some barbeque tastin', bring your antacids just in case. Even better, come armed with your own sauce!

Sep 02, 2009
Dadzgirl in Not About Food

Surprise! I'm at Your Door

I confess that I couldn't get beyond the first 10 or so comments before having to make my own statement.

There is no wonder that Americans are in the state that we are, if life is so chaotic that there is no time for friends without an appointment.

I suggest that for any readers who actually DO HAVE friends, that you take the time to condition yourself to enjoy such things as 'drop-in' visits, while there is still someone interested in seeing you.

What a sad lot of people!

Jan 26, 2009
Dadzgirl in Features