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Chowhound worthy stops Hwy 62 (Belleville to Alongquin Park)

We are heading to my husband's family cottage next weekend, we normally go via Peterborough (Hwy 28) but we need to drop something off in Stirling (just north of Belleville) so we will be taking Hwy 62 all the way north. Anyone know of any good chow stops in Belleville, Stirling, Madoc, Bancroft , etc? Would also love mention of any great spots to pick up butter tarts or any great baking along the way. Thanks in advance for your tips.

dinner recommendation good food & fun scene

Last time we were in Montreal (late August) we had a fabulous Anniversary dinner at Anise. This time we are looking for something with a livelier atmosphere along with great food - any suggestions (a Friday evening)?

where to buy demi glace downtown?

Loblaws used to carry veal stock and others by soup's on (I think that was the name)- but I was there this morning and they don't carry it anymore.

Sunday brunch recommendations

My in-laws have our daughter for the weekend!! Which means my husband and I (among other things :)) can go for brunch on Sunday.
We have always been big fans of Xacutti and Mildred Pearce but are looking for some new suggestions.

Pomme Frites..Anywhere??

JKWB has fantastic frites with aioli - yum and I also think the Beer Bistro frites are delish.

Quiet downtown restaurant recommendations wanted!!!

Savoy on Victoria street - very private booths - quiet but still part of the action

two nights Que. city and two in montreal - looking for casual option & something special

We will be in Quebec City two nights and then heading to Montreal for two nights late August - we are staying at the Auberge St. Antoine so we will be having dinner at Panache one evening, we are looking for a more casual (less expensive)option for our first evening, can be in lower or upper part of town.
We are thinking L'Echaude possibly or Yuzu. We may try Laurie Raphael or Initiale for lunch, but it would have to be the same day as our meal at Panache and my husband feels it may be too much rich food for one day. Can you suggest a market with good breads, cheese, beers & wine for a DIY picnic?
Montreal- we will be celebrating our anniversary here so want something special for the Saturday night - we are thinking Toque or Cube but are open for other suggestions. We are also looking for a more casual option for the Friday - a bar with a great by the glass wine selection and tapas offerings perhaps?
thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.