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Where can i find purslane in Montreal?

Excellent, I thank you and my mom thanks you :)

Where can i find purslane in Montreal?

My mom says they used to use it in fattoush in her native Egypt. Does anyone know where i can find some? Looks interesting, sour, salty taste.

Middle Eastern Bakeries

True, Lebanese pizza and Armenian pizza can't be compared, except to the extent that Lebanese pizza (the one with the spiced ground meat) is a take on lahmajoun. For the former, I agree that Andalos is pretty good, especially because it's freshly baked on site.

As far as other lahmajoun bakeries, my memory fails me for the names...perhaps others can remember the names or I can go dig around for the Armenian directory. There's one near St-Denis, on the North end (maybe also Liege? edited to add: it's on Faillon) which is pretty good. They are Syrian Armenian. Found it: Chez Alpo.

The others I've tried are Boulangerie Sevan, Cartier st. Laval and another one in a Laval strip mall, but I forget the name of this one as well.

The thing about Arouch is that they have lahmajoun making down to an art. I haven't been to the Laval location but plan to this weekend to see what other goodies they have. They used to sell some delicious Tahinov Hatz, a sweet tahini bread which the mother used to make, at the original Liege location. The stuff is to die for.

Middle Eastern Bakeries

Best lahmajoun hands down is Arouch. It's the true Armenian version, not the imitation Lebanese one. They have two locations, Park Ex and Laval.

I'm part Armenian and this is the lahmajoun Armenians swear by. They have spicy and regular, I prefer the spicy. Not really hot per se, but has more zing than the regular.

Opinions on best Thai food?

I concur about Chao Phraya. It used to be amazing, but now it's just ok for me.

My favorite is definitely Restaurant Thailande on Bernard. I am, however, a little disappointed that we don't have any truly authentic Thai restos in Montreal. The way I found out about these forums was through my cousin who took me to this gem of a Thai restaurant in Chicago. She discovered it here (Chicago board) and it's one of those places where they have a regular menu and a Thai menu, for Thai people. Someone translated the Thai menu on the forum and people started flocking there ordering the authentic Thai food.

It's a tiny place, not much in terms of ambiance and decor, but it is absolutely the best food I've ever eaten. I wish we had something similar in Montreal. If there is and I'm completely in the dark about it, I would love to be enlightened!

Dutch Store in Montreal or area!

Euro-Deli Cafe in the Pointe Claire village has closed, unfortunately.