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What do you like at Farfalla in Los Feliz?

I had the Osso Bucco and it was amazing!

Hostess Chocodiles

I am on a mad hunt to find one of my favorite snacks as a child, the Hostess Chocodile. I have not been able to find any! Does anyone know where I can find them? I was told Walmart sold them but was unable to find them there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Salbutes in Los Angeles

Years ago (maybe 10) I used to go to a little hole in the wall Yucatecan eatery called Los Cochinitos in SilverLake on Sunset Blvd to enjoy the tastiest Salbutes ever. Unfortunaelty, the restaurant closed and I have not been able to find anywhere that compared to the deliciousness of the Salbutes there. I have tried Chichen Itza and honestly, although I enjoyed other dishes there, the Salbutes were just not that amazing. Does anyone know of other restaurants that may have them???

The art of Rocio Camacho at Moles La Tia

....You and me both! this sounds delish! :)