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REAL BAGELS stop press, chow friends!

Fellow Chow friends,

The bagel search and grousing is over. Stop everything you are doing and go to Wholly Bagel on Wm Cannon. Now.

4404 W William Cannon. Tel 899.0200.

He's been open since Saturday.

I've just inhaled two of them, one without anything on it.

Please help keep this important resource in Austin! Go eat!


Apr 20, 2010
narodsobe in Austin

New to Round Rock

ditto teji's in the same strip mall as saccones (haven't been there--whenever I see teji's I can't stop salivating, thinking about their samosas and dal makhni).
also, georgetown, monument (so so for me but everybody seems to like it). there's a new thai place in georgetown called...dia...on 7th street east of the square. great fried tofu. on main in gtwn just steps from the sq...laurie's too which is seriously home cooking.
I am also from illinois! teji's will remind you of the great places on devon avenue. they also have english sweets and indian grocery items. i've wanted to go to friar tucks (a bacon butty! unbelievable. now I MUST go.) but haven't made it at the weekend.

Aug 15, 2009
narodsobe in Austin

Flip Happy Crepes...A+!

First bumped into this when they were over by FLoribunda. Wonderful ham & gruyere. And everything. Really, really good.

May 31, 2009
narodsobe in Austin

Restaurant that serves crumpets in Austin?

Found them at Spec's the other week (Round Rock).

May 31, 2009
narodsobe in Austin

Teji's Indian in Round Rock

Their dal makhni is WONDERFUL. I can't go a week without a stop or two. And the prices are very reasonable. Lunch is something like 11-2 and dinner from 5 or something. If you try to go between 2 and whenever dinner starts...better to wait. Tamara

Dec 31, 2008
narodsobe in Austin

Good Indian Food in Austin

Teji's in Round Rock ( With a bullet. I am completely addicted to their dal makhni and samosas. As I say to people (and I have introduced a good number to it)--it's not posh, but it is authentic. Chola seems fancier and I know those who like it also. I have no opinion because if I want authentic Indian (and my Indian food cultivation is Devon Avenue in Chicago) --I point my car to Teji's. They also have a little grocery for those expats looking for Smarties and McVitie's biscuits. And true Fanta. Tamara

Dec 31, 2008
narodsobe in Austin