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has anyone had brunch at Romagna Mia?

I've been for brunch there. I was also curious about the $6.95 menu! We went around noon on a Sunday and there were only a few other tables of patrons. The menu is as advertised! We had a granola and yogourt (shared) to start then he had a basic bacon and eggs plate and I had the fresh pappardelle with ragu and fresh peas. The bacon and eggs were reported as being the standard fare; the ragu was delicious (as one would expect). The portions were on the smaller side; I wondered if they expect people to order two dishes. They do have a couple of appetizer-type dishes. The one-and-a-half dishes a person would have been enough for us but they also served us a big basket of fresh focaccia and an "amuse-bouche" of a biscotto with a creme anglaise drizzle (I think we were given an extra portion of this at the end as well).

I haven't had an opportunity to go back yet but certainly plan to! For me, the house-made pasta dishes are worth a trip back.

If you could go anywhere in Portugal, where would you go?

I'm going to be in Lisbon in a few months - this place sounds great! The website doesn't have prices though - do you recall how much the tasting menu was per person? Thank-you!

May 20, 2008
ciaociao in Spain/Portugal

Worst/Best Tourist Trap Food in TO

The Organ Grinder! I have great childhood memories of that place. I remember getting the kids drink with grenadine syrup in it (blanking on the name....). Actually, that's my only memory but I remember it was the highlight of this little girls trips to Toronto =) Can anyone remind me what this place really was like?

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Toba - King and Sherbourne. Great food, great service - even if they are busy. Enjoyed it many times for dinner plus had a lovely brunch there.

Special 50th Birthday Dinner - need ideas!

Nope - never been. It is definitely on the short list =)

Special 50th Birthday Dinner - need ideas!

Thanks for the ideas! I read about Quince in Toronto Life and it sounds great. It isn't downtown but it is on the subway line, which could work out fine. I haven't been able to find a website for them though. Does anyone know if they have one? Alternately, can someone fill in any info on the menu, price etc.?

Special 50th Birthday Dinner - need ideas!

I am in charge of selecting a restaurant for my mother's 50th birthday party in a few weeks. I am a student so I am looking for something classy but affordable on my student budget! I am hoping to find somewhere elegant and fairly quiet with bistro-type food. Downtown location is preferable. We will be doing dessert and champagne at home so I am looking for great apps, mains and a bottle of wine for around $50/person. So far, I have thought of Bistro Tournesol, Batifole and Mildred Pierce. Any comments on these would be great plus any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!