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Sonoma Wineries - Looking for some suggestions

Thank you all for the replies Very helpful.

Follow up question - Seeing as I'm staying in the town of Sonoma, it appears that Napa is actually a closer jaunt. Alexander Valley and Russian River appear to be much longer drives. From my very limited reading I understand that Napa doesn't promise as much bang for buck, but maybe not? Are there any Napa wineries that excel in Cab Sauv or Pinot Noir that would be in my modest price range?

Sonoma Wineries - Looking for some suggestions

I'll be staying overnight in Sonoma, CA (the town, specifically) for one night in early March and I'll really only have one full day to visit wineries. I'm looking for suggestions on wineries that specialize in Pinot Noir and or Cab Sauv as those are my faves. Ideally there's a cluster or region that I could focus on for the sake of efficiency. Thinking 4 or 5 in total. I'd also like to focus on smaller, less massive operations. Also, budget is a bit of a consideration, so I'm ideally looking for wineries with bottles available south of $50.

Would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Takeout near King and Church

I live in this neighborhood and I honestly can't think of any decent take out spots. Too many Spring Rolls in the area. Got any suggestions you can share? I can't think of any decent Chinese and my fave sushi in the hood was Sushi Man which is now Bettola di Terroni. Pretty open in terms of cuisine.


Decent Chinese Delivery near Bathurst and Eglinton ???

Can anyone suggest somewhere decent in this 'hood that delivers? We've tried a few and can't really rave about any of them. Thanks in advance!