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Perogies in Port Credit area


Perogies in Port Credit area

I'm looking to order about 50 -75 pieces for pick-up Saturday. Does anyone have a suggestion they may be able to offer for this? Thanks!

Chowfind: Hog Tails BarBQue in Waterloo

This could be true, I am not sure.

They are great, that's all I know :)

Chowfind: Hog Tails BarBQue in Waterloo

Having moved from Whitby (and giving up Buster's), I've found that HogTail's satisfies my craving for excellent brisket rather perfectly.

I've had the hush puppies at both Buster's & HogTails, and the latter wins the contest hand's down. They are crispier and have some jalapeno in them (i think it's jalapeno?)....simply divine.

Collard greens are also a favourite.

The other honourable mention for BBQ in KW would be Smokin Tony's. Also very good, but much, much busier. The brisket is smokier @ Tony's, but I find that it's more tender @ HogTails.

Convert Wolf range grill to griddle?

I faced this dilemma, too. The solution? Slap a cast iron griddle overtop of the charbroiler when hot. The griddle gets plenty hot for eggs/pancakes & the like.

If your griddle has grooves to catch run off, then bacon & other meats would also do well. The grooves on mine are quite shallow, so I held off.

This method works a bit better than using the burners, as the heat is (more or less) evening distributed over the surface of the griddle.

Good luck!

Aug 30, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

Wolf range-- griddle, grill, or none of the above?

I'm curious; do you place the cast iron griddle over the charbroiler/grill or over the burners? Grill would seem better suited for more even heat distribution, but who knows :)

May 24, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

Roasting -vs- Grilling thermometer

Both appear to be leave-in.

I did notice after that the heat-ratings for the cables differ between roasting and grilling models, with 410 degrees being afforded to the former -vs- 475 for the latter.

But still...

May 22, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

Roasting -vs- Grilling thermometer

Can someone please help me understand what, if any, difference there may be between these types of digital thermometers?

W.S. lists both types on their website, with a difference in price of ~ $15 between them.

Given the intent here is simply to identify a temperature, at first glance this seems like a marketing ploy.


May 22, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

"Generic" Stainless Steel Riser?

We have finally settled on the Wolf 36" gas range with the broiler, but are still wrestling with the riser. Some info outlets say a minimum of 10" riser is required for the model we've chosen.

Wolf sells a 20" riser that would fit the space well, but its MSRP is $689 (gulp!).

Does anyone have a recommendation on whether or not the riser is TRULY "required"? We are in Canada and no gas fitter or contractor I've spoken with believes it is code to have such a thing.

Likewise, has anyone had success in using a non-brand name riser? Surely they exist, somewhere?

Thanks to all who respond :)

Mar 31, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

30" Wolf vs Viking Vs. Capital Culinarian

Hello! I came upon this thread while doing my own research on how the CC 36" self-clean model stacks up against the Wolf R36.

Just curious to hear how your choice in the CC has worked out?? We are also from Canada (in the GTA), and so any feedback on local service/suppliers/distributor would be greatly appreciated!!

I am leaning more towards the CC, as the Wolf (for the price point I can afford) is basically an entry-level model. The CC has more features, like self-clean, that seem to fall into the top-end of Capital's product line.

Thanks to all who respond :-)

Feb 21, 2012
munkdogg in Cookware

New Hamburg, Ontario & CSA programs

Fellow Hounders,

I'm packing up the family and moving west-ward, to the New Hamburg area in South-Western Ontario.

We'll really miss the CSA programs we've come to adore from Svetec Farms and Zephyr Organic, both in Durham Region.

Some initial digging into what's available in the New Hamburg area shows lots of promise, though. I'm wondering if some of you might have direct experience with any of the following, and be willing to share (publicly or privately) your thoughts/comments/suggestions;

Transpire Organic
Fertile Ground
Garden Party

....or any others that might be worth looking into.

Thanks to all who take the time to respond, your feedback is MOST appreciated :-)

Gas convection vs. electric convection

found this thread whilst searching for reviews on gas range/ovens. Its great!

Based on the trade-off between the superior temperature mgmt handling of an electric convection oven, and the superior broiler coming from the gas/infared ovens.....has anyone seen a dual-oven that has both a gas broiler and electric convection compartments?

A little "pie in the sky", I realize :-)


Oct 30, 2011
munkdogg in Cookware

Doritos Intense Pickles

They're pretty good. Not as "intense" as perhaps the label implies, but definitely none of the nacho-ness that I was afraid they'd carry.

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Driving through downtown Brooklin last night, I noticed the Fish & Chip place (one of them, anyway) has been updated as a Burger joint. Perfect!

Haven't been yet, but they are indeed open. Might have to swing by this eve and report back :)

The Gabardine - Rod Bowers' new spot (long)

Just came from lunch @ The Gabardine. IMO, that cheeseburger ranks higher than the ByMark burger @ half the price.

Olives were served warm, which was unexpected but a nice surprise.

Will def be going back, and probably going back often.

Brie du Monte cheese...

Many thanks for your reply!

I'll be sure to ask my local cheese-monger the origins of whatever variety I settle on for my next attempt :-). Brie de Meaux sounds like an adventure though....

Brie du Monte cheese... my attempts to recreate the Bymark burger @ home, I keep fumbling with this ingredient. I've tried run-of-the-mill brie, which lacked both depth of flavour and aroma.

I've also tried using a camembert, and debated whether a reblochon would do the trick.

At the risk of over-thinking this solution, can someone tell me if Brie de Meaux and Brie du Monte are the same thing??

66 Wellington St. W, Toronto, ON M5K 1J3, CA

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Tried the ginger garlic Basa based on this review, and holy was it ever good!! Definitely adding it to the list of favourites at i-Thai. Another is the peanut curry mentioned below....pretty much never miss a chance to order it.

Corrado's in Brooklin

Corrado's in Brooklin

Thanks for this review.

Been watching construction unfold on this place for months now. Glad to see its finally open....We'll be stopping by ASAP!

are there any gourmet/boutique food shop in Durham Region?

For sauces and such, try Buckingham Meats in Brooklin. Although not their principal business (they're a butcher shop), they do carry a huge assortment of uncommon sauces, rubs, chutneys and the like.

Buckingham Meat
28 Buckingham Ave, Oshawa, ON L1G, CA

Looking for pastured chickens in the Durham region

Svetec Farms sells these directly at the farm.

South of Temperance

Tried the beef short rib poutine a few weeks back, didn't really like it. Soggy. I much prefer the duck confit poutine at Duggans (for something different).

Organics delivery for Pickering?

Zephyr Organics;

Svetec Farms;

Coopers Farm;

Zephyr and Svetec both deliver in Durham, Coopers you'll need to contact them to confirm.


Too funny. We are located in Whitby and get our CSA from Zephyr :-)

Thanks for the info!


WIthout trying to threadjack with this post, I'm curious to hear if anyone has seen bushels (or 1/4, 1/2) of various heirloom varieties for sale?

I'm looking to secure a large number for a self-catered event in the near future.

Thanks so much!

which ramen place for ramen intro?

Good stuff, I will check it out. Many thanks!!

which ramen place for ramen intro?

Without trying to threadjack, can anyone recommend a decent place to buy pre-made ramen noodles?

I am ISO just plain noodles, fresh or dried - not picky.


T&T Waterfront Night Market

I've scoured the net trying to find some substantial info on the August 26th market. Does anyone have a website or link to share?

Source for Hot Dogs and buns used by street vendors?

There's usually a hot-dog cart at the South-West corner of Woodbine & Centurian Drive (just north of Highway 7). He's setup over lunchtime in the Home Hardware parking lot.

Just my $.02 :-)