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Deep Creek Lake, MD Restaurants

We are headed to Deep Creek the week before Christmas. Looks like the last write up was in 2012. Wondering if there are any great new restaurants. Looking for both lunch & dinner. Any good spots at Wisp? We are renting a cabin on the lake. Loved the Amish Bakery last time so will definitely go back there. Any other suggestions?

Thank you,

Dec 15, 2014
christinebryson in Mid-Atlantic

Restaurants near the Hippodrome in Baltimore

All your suggestions sound wonderful-looking up all the menus and sharing with the group! It's normal to be thinking about/planning a meal 2 months from now right? Foodies understand! :).

Restaurants near the Hippodrome in Baltimore

We are coming up from DC to see Annie at the Hippodrome in January. Three mom's and three daughters. Looked at the archives and the most recent post was back in 2010. Looking for a fun lunch spot if you have any great ideas. The Hippodrome site lists Hooters and Cheesecake Factory~uggh! Looking for something non-chain and delicious!

St. John USVI fabulous restaurants and grocery options?

Thanks for your suggestions cleobeach! My daughter will be six by then and she is very well traveled and has eaten at many fancy spots~lucky girl:) But I saw the age mention on Zozo's menu and was kinda turned off a little.

We will cook most breakfasts at home and may make some picnic lunches. Other than that we will mostly eat out. We are so excited for our trip as my husband and I were there in 97 & 02 so it's been a while...too long!

St. John USVI fabulous restaurants and grocery options?

As I reviewed St. John topics the most recent discussions were 3 plus years ago! Wondering if anyone can share some of their favorite restaurants on St. John. We will be there for 7 nights so looking for plenty of lunch/dinner options. We are staying in a house near the Westin so we can also cook/grill. I have heard the best grocery shopping would be in St. Thomas? Any thoughts on that would be great too! We are a family with 5 adults and one child. Open to any and all great food and price ranges! Thank you!!

Help! Florence, SC

We also tried Redbone Alley based on the suggestions here and loved it. We were on a stopover off 95 for the night and this restaurant was a great place for us to have a fun night after being in the car all day. Loved the atmosphere and decor (felt like you were outside in a court yard). Loved the live music and my daughter loved the real ice cream truck inside with free ice cream for all. My hubby loved his shrimp and grits and I liked my grilled blackened shrimp. Manager came by to see if everything was good . And friendly lady at neighboring table suggested a delicious pound cake that was grilled and served with caramel and bananas which was very good. Will definitely stop again on our trip on 95 in June!

Apr 06, 2012
christinebryson in Southeast

Lunch near Children's Museum in Cherry Hill

Saw your suggestion of the Pop Shop and gave it a try since we are at a hotel for the night nearby in Mt. Laurel. Such a cute place. Perfect for a fun night out with kids. The menu looks like a newspaper with tons of different choices. I had over 30 grilled cheese sandwhiches on the menu. I ordered the Bobby Flay grilled cheese sandwich from his Throw Down show and it was delicious. My daughter had mm pancakes with whipped cream and cherries that looked like a clown. Great cherry cokes too. Too full and my daughter was falling asleep for dessert but the menu was super fun. Their calendar of events was so cute. Superhero night, pj breakfasts, kids karaoke....such a clever restaurant and perfect for a fun night out with kids.

Nov 20, 2010
christinebryson in New Jersey

24 hours in Baltimore

Thanks so much for all your great ideas~I wish we had more time to try all of the great places you all mentioned!


24 hours in Baltimore

Hello chowhounders-

I have spent two days reading all the old posts on Baltimore and wanted to see if you had any ideas for my family. We are headed to a doctors appt at Johns Hopkins so we will be in town (from DC area) for about 24 hours. I will have my hubby and 2 yr old daughter with me (makes things a little tricky-er). We are staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Harbor East area.

Planning to come into town after lunch time and visit the Lexington Market to pick up some snacky type stuff. (Any favorites?)

Then after checking into the hotel I think we will walk over to the Water Taxi (daughter will love a boat ride) and head to dinner somewhere with good crabcakes/seafood off of one of the Water Taxi stops. I love a trendy spot but I am sure that most of the seafood places at the docks are going to be more my hubbys style (paper tableclothes/picnic tables etc) Was thinking of maybe Bo Brooks in Canton? Are any of these near the Water Taxi line (By The Docks in Essex, Pappas on Taylor Ave., and Dock of the Bay in Millers Island.) Whats your favorite?

The next morning we will just grab something at the hotel as we are headed to the Aquarium right when they open. But for lunch I was thinking Attman's deli (do they have seating areas inside the deli?) I know my husband would like it. Also loved the creative sandwhiches on the menu at the Dogwood Deli but it is kind of far from where we are staying right....any other spots like that closer to the Innerharbor?

Then as we are heading out of town any good cupcake/dessert/chocolate shops that we should grab something to take home...who am I kidding--eat on the car ride home:)

I always get the best advice from this site. Our last trip to the Florida Keys were a homerun~every restaurant we ate at was suggested on Chowhound and we loved all of them!

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Bo Brooks Restaurant
2701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Dock of the Bay
9025 Cuckold Point Rd, Sparrows Point, MD 21219

Hilton Head, SC, restaurants

Down in Hilton Head again (we come down 2-3 times a year). Just tried Flamingo's this morning for the fresh-made to order doughnuts. Definitely enjoyed them. They were cake type doughnuts and you pick the glaze/toppings. Menu is listed on two chalk boards. Small shop near the movie theater. Paid $9.50 for a dozen doughnuts. Our favorites were the caramel glaze and the toasted coconut honey glazed.

Also tried to go to Street Meet tonight. Thought their menu looked interesting and read a few good reviews. Well we waited 10 minutes before ever being acknowledged and then we were told a table would be our once it was cleared--well the waitress gave the table to another group that was going to need it b/c they were waiting for people who hadn't even arrived yet. Horrible customer service and we are not usually one to complain. When I told the hostess/bartender that we were going to try some place else she didn't even seem to care. Won't be going back!

Favorites of our from past trips:
Old Fort Pub--upscale
Red Fish-fun sitting in the wine bar area
Michael Anthony's-excellent Italian but get a reservation way in advance
Just Pasta-my brother a NY'er likes this one for a quick takeout
Wild Wings-we ordered delivery of a bunch of appetizers one night and there was a problem with the order--the manager drove to the house and apologized and comped part of the order. apps were good.
Guiseppes-good pizza but plan on a wait
Truffles-consistently good food. took the chocolate/peanut butter pie off the menu which was a favorite.
Signes-good pastries, good sandwiches
Christina's- good lunch spot


Apr 05, 2009
christinebryson in Southeast

Ladies Lunch in Hilton Head, SC

thanks, I will do a search on the Waterfront Cafe.

Any other suggestions anyone?

Dec 31, 2008
christinebryson in Southeast

Virginia Beach?

We love to go to VA Beach in the off season. We LOVE One Fish Two fish. Open Kitchen, on a pretty marina with nice sunset views and excellent food. They never dissapoint.

Ladies Lunch in Hilton Head, SC

I have read all of the Hilton Head threads and I am still in search of a suggestion for a ladies lunch in Hilton Head.

My family visits HHI about 3 times a year. My Mom and I always go to the Westin Heavenly Spa one day and go to lunch afterwards. We have yet to find a great ladies lunch spot. We love Truffles for their soups, sandwiches, salads (except they took the peanut butter/chocolate pie off the menu--major bummer!) We tried the French Bakery which was also good but we are looking for more of a restaurant rather than order from a counter type spot. Been to Cristine's and Signe's but again more of a counter type service. Also tried Charlie's but I thought their menu was kind of limited.

We always do an Afternoon Tea in Savannah--surprised there is nothing like that for ladies in HHI with all the golf widows:)

Any ideas?

PS After reading the threads I am excited to try Flamingos tomorrow morning for fresh doughnuts!

Dec 30, 2008
christinebryson in Southeast