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please help me make the most of a few hours in Bologna

Barberinibee thank you so much for your response -- we are now actually getting to spend one night in Bologna! I will get a chance to check our all your wonderful recommendations at leisure now :) I have a room at the Metropolitan which is supposed to be halfway between the piazza Maggiore and train station.

Feb 11, 2013
LilianNY in Italy

please help me make the most of a few hours in Bologna

will be there with my 2 kids 8 and 15 for just a few hours after we get off the plane fm ny and would love to know some great places for a good lunch and market to buy some special things to bring back--ideally not far from the train station as we will be catching one to Florence later that day (saturday). we eat everything and would love to bring back something hard to find in ny. grazie!

Feb 10, 2013
LilianNY in Italy

Shore Recs: At the Table in Asbury Park now BYOB

Visited shore this weekend and had a couple of really good meals . Got caught in that thunderstorm Sat night while on the point pleasant boardwalk which killed my plans to eat there. So started searching chowhound, yelp and tripadvisor for an alternative. At the Table popped up and Soulfood-comfort food sounded good in my sopping wet state. It's a couple of blocks off the main strip so there were not too many other customers unfortunately for them.
The food was terrific. I am not a huge fan of cornbread because it can be hard to choke down but theirs was moist and oven fresh. Collard greens not too sweet just the way I like them. The fried whiting with a dusting of cornmeal was perfectly done. Mashed potatoes also great --owner says she uses red bliss potatoes. I would get them over the fries which seemed like the packaged kind. My family also had the fried chicken smothered. Loved it. My 7 yo who sometimes acts like she does not need to eat wolfed down the mac n cheese. The only thing I would have changed was to ask the oxtail not be covered in a gravy which i felt was overly salty. Not sure if that means it was overly reduced cause it was late in the day.
Great food. All at fair prices. Well prepared and they do not skimp on ingredients clearly. For some reason they did not ask if we wanted dessert and anyway it was getting late so can't speak to that. Just thought I would point out the byob part cause there was some earlier chowhound discussion about that.
The other notable meal was The Buttered Biscuit. Here, unlike the previous place, there was a huge wait. We had stuffed bananas, choc, cream cheese stuffed french toast and corned beef hash. Both were terrific. The corned beef was real chunks of meat. The only thing I did not appreciate was there was a lot of cheese in it which I do not eat a lot of --but that was my fault. I should have asked them to leave it out. Juice tasted fresh. We ate outside but when I walked inside during my meal, I did notice a bit of a musty smell. Would definintely recommend though.

Jul 11, 2012
LilianNY in New Jersey

I need a recommendation for west 50's to 80's please!

love Telepan, Bar Boulud. There's also Cesca. Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar (72/wea) is cool and different with open mike some nights. For cheaper there is Kefi (greek 80's columbus--kind of noisy though). Even cheaper is Celeste italian (74/amsterdam) yummy but super crowded.

72 W. 69th Street, New York, NY 10023

505 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

Bar Boulud
1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Nov 19, 2010
LilianNY in Manhattan

Where Does Trader Joe's Food Come From?

enjoyed the article. i believe that Guittard was selling their white chocolate chips in bags at the chocolate show in ny this year again. i definitely bought them last year. sorry :)

Nov 18, 2010
LilianNY in Features

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans, reviews

i don't know if it's too late for you but we just had rw dinner at Telepan and it was very very good. you order off the regular menu for rw --pick one selection from each savory panel for $35. Four courses (dessert) is an extra ten bucks. They brought out an amuse panel of three items (a cold soup in a cup, a spicy pizza w ham and a chick pea thing). I think the best starter was the vegetable-bread soup. the only disappointment was the arctic char starter (which was $3 suppl) --it was fine but the fish just didn't wow me

my middle course was a mushroom and wild green lasaga w veal sausage sauce -- it is a small portion but very rich so just the right amt for a middle course.
for entree both the striped bass and halibut were terrific. dh had the heritage pork he was happy with. my favorite dessert was not on the menu (strawberry granita parfait) but the crepes w milk choc hazelnut creme brulee was wonderful. cheesecake sundae parfait also very nice.
we left very satisfied and plan on making it back before the summer ends

Aug 03, 2009
LilianNY in Manhattan

Any favorites this summer for the Jersey shore? We are staying in Ocean City and would love to learn about a nearby place that serves fresh, delicious food. Casual.


Jul 25, 2008
LilianNY in Mid-Atlantic

Pls share your absolute favorite casual but delicious Philly rest in the historic district. Thanks! We're only there for one night but want a great meal.


Jul 25, 2008
LilianNY in Pennsylvania

Sardinian Wine Vintage. Want to order some Argiolas Costera and wondering if any years in particular are esp good. TIA


Jul 16, 2008
LilianNY in Wine

If I can't get in at the Spotted Pig what else is good nearby? Going to try our luck there tonigh


May 31, 2008
LilianNY in Manhattan

Getting Kobe beef flown in from Japan?

I was just at the International Restaurant food show at the Javits Center and there was a company flying in Kobe beef from Japan. They tell me it is available at the Mitsu Market (sp?) in Edison NJ (formerly Yaohan). btw the small taste they gave me was AMAZINGGGGGGGG!

Mar 11, 2008
LilianNY in General Topics

Anything good near Target in Brooklyn

Heading to the Atlantic Ave target and wondering if there are any good eats in the area to schlep back to Manhattan.

Feb 04, 2008
LilianNY in Outer Boroughs

Need table for 4 this weekend at a place with good food and nice ambiance NOT on the lower east side. Tons of places I tried already booked up.


Oct 17, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Gabriel's - Disappointing Dinner

Same experience for our party of 4 at Gabriel's. Love Telepan but have to plan ahead for a reservation. Fiorello's was fine last time we went. A bit noisy though. And Columbus Ave has some smaller Italian restaurants in the high 60's that are fine.

Oct 16, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Hip *and* Good food. Dinner for 4. I want the food to be terrific. My friend's priority is that it is trendy/hip. West side preferred or UES.


Oct 14, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Newish Pizza Restaurant UWS

bingo! that is exactly it. and as i was clearing out old nytimes i also found the mention of it just now.

Jul 15, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

solo dining in Manhattan

What neighborhood and what kind of food do you want?

Jul 14, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Newish Pizza Restaurant UWS

A few months ago I read about a place which had just opened --fairly large--on Amsterdam or Col in the upper 80's/lower 90's I think. But can't remember the name. Does anyone know what it is and is it any good?

Jul 14, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Rio de Janeiro suggestions

I'm going the first week in april with my husband and 9 yr old son. We live in NYC so have some decent restaurants but would really appreciate suggestions anyone may have. Also if anyone knows the area, I'm trying to decide staying on COpacabana beach (Excelsior) or in Barra (Sheraton). WHich is further away but supposed to have bigger rooms and have a nicer beach. TIA!

Kefi - review

Not impressed so far. The front desk seems very overwhelmed and the wait is very very long. I wish I could say it was worth it but after 40 minutes on a weeknight, the meal was not enough to warrant a repeat visit any time soon. And the other diners felt like they were practically on top of me.

Mar 12, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Anyone try Porter House for RW?

I see there are still res available and was wondering if it is worth it. TIA

Jan 24, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Dinner near Symphony Space @96th and Bway?

Mamma Mexico on 102 and broadway. Pampa --argentinian grill type food on Amsterdam and 97? Rack and Soul bbq on 109th and broadway. Lisca on Amsterdam and 92nd... Pasta, seafood

Jan 24, 2007
LilianNY in Manhattan

Anyone been to Cesca recently? We're eating there tonight

and would like some recommendations. also would like to know if anyone has noticed any changes post-valenti

Oct 13, 2006
LilianNY in Manhattan

Best Turkish in Manhattan -- Pasha, Beyoglu, more?

Like the food at Turkish Kitchen although I find the management/host to be a little brusque.

Sep 14, 2006
LilianNY in Manhattan

ISO...UWS Rest that is both kid-friendly (2 and 9yr old) yet slightly special. Going for family bd dinner.

Doesn't have to be as nice as Telepan or Cesca food but would like it to be slightly roomy.

Sep 13, 2006
LilianNY in Manhattan

SPOTTED PIG wait time

Anyone been there recently and is the food still good?

Aug 12, 2006
LilianNY in Manhattan