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03/08 Ubuntu: From The Same Folks That Sold You Bottled Water

OMG!!! thank you for your post ... i thought i was the ONLY sole person who did not like ubuntu. actually, my husband and i liked the sunchokes, but that was it!

i ordered ALL the dishes that CHers recommended - the signature cauliflower dish, the potatoes robuchon, and anson grits - we couldn't finish half of each dish - it was that bad. then, we ordered the pizza with kale, thinking how can pizza be bad - but it was ... bad & super-duper-salty!!! my last attempt to like ubuntu was with the dessert - the winter citrus float - can i say sweet sugared candy? i couldn't even finish half of that and i have a sweet tooth!!!

i have traveled throughout the world - eaten at the top restaurants in every destination ... so i consider myself a true foodie - a connoisseur of food. BUT i left ubuntu so depressed & confused - feeling like i was an anomaly - that i must be sooo screwed not to like one of the top 10 restuarants in the US. i had not read one negative comment about ubuntu UNTIL you "opionatedchef"!

thank you! thank you! i am not insane!!!

BTW - the service was really good from the minute we stepped into the restaurant. the ambience was peaceful and surreal. our waitress was excellent. the food just wasn't my cup of tea (AND i love vegetable dishes!!!)

Apr 03, 2008
abs in San Francisco Bay Area

The Grove - Houston

overall, the atmosphere is really nice, clean decor, spacious. mixed crowd of cafe annie and taco milagro (it is a del grande establishment). lots people coming/going to rockets/astro game/brown convention. elevator did not work! disappointed the bar upstairs is kinda plain, just open area with plastic chairs ... view probaly nicer during the day of the new discovery park. only good thing was that they have a tequila bar upstairs that serves the same good margaritas they have at taco milagro - my husband was salivating when he saw that!

now when i called last week to make reservations, the girl said they were FULLY booked. well, i went on and was able to find reservations easily for 6:30 thru 9:30. hmnnn, are they trying to give the "impression" that they're sooo popular? when we got seated at 7:30, the dining area was about 2/3 full and remained that way until we left at 10:30.

our server was good, not great, and didn't seem to know his way around the menu (i guess the place is brand new, but ya think he should be well versed in it). anyhoo ... for appetizers, we had duck meatballs (6/10), ribs (7/10), ceviche (7/10). overall, good, but nothing to write home about. for entree, i had the seafood stew 5/10 (boy, was i disappointed - dry, about 3 tbsp of soup/stew, very bland). my husband had the scallops seared - he said it was a 7/10 - again, nothing special. our friends had the quail (he thought it was great 8.5/10) and shrimp (she said it was good).

the desserts were ok. don't order the choc cake (icing moist, cake dry) or apple cobbler (a ton of bland apple pieces with a towel-draped crust). our friends loved their caramel flan and ice cream.

service was a bit choppy, but again, i guess i'll owe it to just having opened. overall, great atmosphere, decent bland food, ok-good service. just go there for drinks and appetizers ... then head over to soma, catalan, or mark's!

houston, we NEED some good restaurant transplants from NY, LA or Las Vegas!!!!

Mar 02, 2008
abs in Houston

Photos of Food In Japan

hi! we will be in tokyo for 3 days and kyoto for 5. could you please list your favorite places to eat. i'm leaving in 2 days and desperate to get rec's!!!!!!!!!!

thanks -

May 25, 2007
abs in Japan

A question for Vietnamese food fans...

hi - i'm vietnamese and from houston. what you are looking for is:

1) "banh hoi" or "bun" (both these words mean noodles)
2) your choice of meat "nuong" (grilled):
a)"nem nuong" (grilled ground pork balls)
b)"thit bo nuong" (grilled slices of marinated pork)
c)"ga nuong" (grilled marinated chicken)
d)"tom nuong" (grilled marinated shrimp)

this dish always come with "banh trang" (rice paper) where you wrap the lettuce/mints/carrots into a burrito and dip into their "nuoc mam" (sweet fish sauce)

hope this helps! unfortunately, i've been to most of the vietnamese restaurants in manhattan, including overpriced colonnade, and they are ALL subpar ... you have to go to houston, orange county, or san jose for truly authentic yummy in my tummy vietnamese cuisine!!!

Nov 25, 2006
abs in Manhattan

Bun Bo Hue (Vietnamese Soup)???

any really good authentic bun bo hue in manhattan???

Aug 12, 2006
abs in Manhattan

good eats 55th/2nd ave

THANKS guys for your posts. we tried angelo's - i'm sorry, but the pizza was not that good. the restaurants outside our neighborhood that we like are: babbo's, spice market, thalasso's, bobby van's, peter luger's, shun lee, dos camino's, rosa mexicana, serafina's pizza, blue smoke, nobu. cheeseboy, a lot of people mention grand sichuan - i think we'll try it! please give some more recommendations!!!

Aug 12, 2006
abs in Manhattan

Best Cupcakes???

okay folks - i've tried them all - you name them - i've been there ... every bakery claimed to have the best tasting cupcakes - BUT they have all been way too sweet, icing so thick you could hardly swallow it, cake itself dry as a menopause. BUT i keep coming back to the ONLY great moist not too sweet simple best tasting cupcake there is in manhattan --> it's at cafe beyond at the bed bath and beynd store on 6th ave/18th street. YEP, i know you think it sounds crazy but go and try it - cheaper than any of the other so-called great bakeries - and say i didn't say so! only 2 flavors: vanilla or chocolate and yum yum yum in my tummy!!!

Aug 12, 2006
abs in Manhattan

good eats 55th/2nd ave

just moved to 55th and 2nd ave. would love some suggestions for good food. don't care about ambience or price - just darn good food. also - are there any good pizza places around here? we went to 4 around the neighborhood and they all were horrible! thanks for any tips!

Aug 12, 2006
abs in Manhattan