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chinese food north of Boston

Royal Garden, Rt. 1 S, Peabody. THE BEST General Gau Chicken in the area. I drive right by Su Changs to get to Royal Garden. I know Su Changs is well liked but I'm not a fan.

What do people think of the new Santarpio's in Peabody?

Agree with your review, our exact experience as well. Lots of crust with no flavor, so disappointing. We were very frequent visitors to East Boston so we had an expectation. Also, delivered pizza not as ordered and waiter didn't even attempt to replace. Just got a response of "I'll let them know in the kitchen" - gee thanks. Oh, and we didn't get charged for the missing topping. Not impressed with the lack of effort on the waiter's part. However, we are happy they are local now and we'll definitely go back but hoping that the kinks will be worked out over a little time.

Notable restaurants in Peabody?

Su Chang's is actually on Lowell Street not Main Street, it becomes Main St. once you cross through Peabody Square. Also, I'm pretty sure Rosie's Bakery has recently been replaced by another bakery. A good, greasy breakfast is Deb's Diner in Salem not far from the Peabody line.

Deb's Diner
4 Boston St, Salem, MA 01970

Seeking moderately priced Italian restaurant - North Shore

Petrillos in Peabody - very good, very reasonable.

Petrillo's in Peabody

Yes, really great food and owners are super nice. We tend to get take out (just easier with little kids) and their takeout menu is really reasonably priced although it does differ a bit from the dine in menu. They package everything really well and send you off with a good stash of crusty italian bread. Really, really good Italian food. Check it out.

What're your favorite workweek spots for lunch?

Downtown Boston:

Sebastiens for their salads
Falafel King for either a falafel wrap or veg plate
Boloco for a Bangkok bowl\brown rice
Cosi occassionally, bread rocks!

I keep it simple...

720 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111

82 Water St, Boston, MA 02109

cilantro in salem- have others enjoyed their meals there?

Cilantro was a huge disappointment. Having previously lived in the Cambridge/Arlington area and now living in Peabody, we enjoy going to Salem to capture a similar vibe. We popped in here tonight because it looked promising with a cozy, warm ambience. But that's about all it had to offer. Over a hundred dollar bill (with tip) for dinner for two, a couple of glasses of sangria and two cervesas. My dinner consisted of those salty bagged veggies mentioned by previous post, minute rice, and three chicken tenders with some incredibly salty cheese and sauce. Really, it was horrid! The waitress was about as good as the food...and we felt rushed the whole time. I wish we went next door to Salem Beer Works for dinner. We will not return and will definitely not recommend to others. Such a shame because there is so much potential.

Pub lunch in Salem?

O'Neils across from Rockafellas is a good size, clean pub. Food looked good but I didn't eat there but thought I'd mention the place. It might be worth checking out.

Cape Ann must-eats?

Blue Marlin in Essex...great food and great quality. Mostly seafood but there is a mixing of steak and poultry entrees.

Mexican in Salem

I cannot recommend Edgewater. I was so excited to see that the owners of the very good Magnolia location opened their 2nd restaurant in Salem but aside from their sanrgria,which is good, the restaurant has nothing to offer. Restaurant has no personality - I felt like I was eating in a cafetaria. And it's expensive for what you get. Skip it...