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Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

Kavanaghs is actually The Sidebar based on what i've read and seen.

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

d'angelo goes on a date at the prime rib:

New Years Weekend Food Itinerary

actually i am going to NOLA this weekend and had a similar question re: brennans. is it worth it to go for the full bfast? (i have heard otherwise on this site)

the conundrum i have is bananas foster is my girlfriends all-time favorite dessert, so either i would like to go there just for the foster (if you're allowed just to go in for dessert), or go to another place for bunch that has bananas foster.. please help!

*chuckle * thanks.

Dec 08, 2009
ryan97ou in New Orleans

New Baltimore place: Frank & Nic's West End Grill

Saw this place coming home from work yesterday on the bottom floor of the zenith building on the corner of Paca and Pratt St.; across the street from the new hilton. Is this place open yet? Has anyone been?