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Visitor and recent transplants seek dining/drinking recommendations - DC area

Admittedly, I usually eat more high end b/c I work in DC (West End) so when I go into town again it's for dinner. It would help if you provided some cuisines you wanted to try...

For lunch I tend to eat quick/healthy, such as Sweetgreen (all over town), Pret A Manger (quick salad or oatmeal), Paul, Roti, Amsterdam Falafel,

Pizza: Comet Ping Pong Pizza, 2 Amys, Pete's A Pizza, We the Pizza (some of these are New Haven style, however)

There are lots of burger places around town too.

Here are mid-range-ish places that might be worth checking out - some are places I haven't been to in a few yrs...but are considered "DC"
Toki Underground: Ramen
Eat the Rich: Oysters/seafood
Founding Farmers
Cafe Leopold in Georgetown
Nellie's Sports Bar
Ben's Chili Bowl
Baked & Wired (Georgetown for cupcakes, cookies or other baked items)
DGS Delicatessen
Kramer's books

There are also pretty good pho, pupusa, banh mi, & taco places but most good ones are outside DC (MD & VA) worth trekking to...

bday @ upscale American resto for 18 @ $100/pp for food

Thanks again for the great suggestions. We decided to go w/ Perry Street primarily b/c we can sit in the main dining area and not in a separate, private dining room (as was the case w/ Riverpark). My husband also liked the tasting menu options offered. The bonus is it's closer to what we'd like the budget to be for food. Dinner party's next month.

Feb 06, 2015
meisteez in Manhattan

bday @ upscale American resto for 18 @ $100/pp for food

Thanks to you all for your suggestions! You have helped a great deal, particularly in making suggestions for a place I've never visited!

The shorter list now consists of Perry Street and Riverpark (w. Perry Street coming in closer to our preferred pp $ range--will have to review the wine/drink prices but expect Riverpark to be higher). Thanks also for the other suggestions to look into. They all seem wonderful (I def look forward to trying them out for other visits). Public and The Dutch (only does a private room @ bottom level for the # of people) don't seem to have as nice a view as Perry ST or Riverpark. Gramercy Tavern's already booked;(

I've had a nice breakfast @ David Burke Kitchen - the decor was low key and pleasant--but not exactly enticing enough to me for a bday dinner bash. My husband nixed ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina (unsure why but it's not my bday!). I'm hoping he makes a decision soon so I can book the restaurant...will be sure to report in mid-March after the celebration!

Feb 03, 2015
meisteez in Manhattan

DC weekend - Italian + ?

For Italian in DC, I recommend 1) Fiola (Penn Quarter) 2) Fiola Mare (Georgetown) and 3) Osteria Morini (Navy Yard), 4) Graffiato (Penn Quarter)

bday @ upscale American resto for 18 @ $100/pp for food

Manhattan chowhounds - would like to celebrate my husband's 50th in NYC @ an upscale American restaurant (16-18 people total). We live in DC & only visit NY a few times/yr. Location-wise he is pretty open. Would like to keep food @ about $100pp w/out alcohol (of course wine will add more) and would like to be walking distance from a fun bar for after. Also, his preference is to be in the main dining area--not a private room, as well as for folks to choose whatever they'd like (although he's not opposed to a tasting menu if the restaurant typically offers one). Suggestions welcome!

Here's the short list but I know I may have missed some good options:
Bar Americain (Midtown-West)
David Burkey Fabrick: OK, but not first choice
Gramercy Tavern
Perry Street
Quality Meats
Red-eye Grill (Midtown-West): OK (may be a bit uptown)

Feb 02, 2015
meisteez in Manhattan

cafe or coffee house to work for 3 hours in Chantilly or Centreville?

Thanks for the Eggspectations link...I've got a week of camp so will def. try it and report back. I don't have issues with Starbucks other than I like to try to support local, mom and pop businesses if/when I can.

Frozen Custard

I like both Nielsen's and Milwaukee - if I were to choose between the two, I would choose Nielsen's b/c it is creamier and richer-tasting...and they make decent sandwiches too.

cafe or coffee house to work for 3 hours in Chantilly or Centreville?

One of my children will be going to a 3-hour camp in Chantilly in the mornings. I'd like to hang out at a cafe to work on my laptop (wifi preferred but not necessary since I am working on a report) that serves good coffee and some kind of breakfast fare (not a big breakfast eater so even a muffin will do - if it's good) than head back home to work since I'll lose 40 min RT and quality time to work while the kid's in camp! I've read about Java Dave's but a review on Yelp! ( noted it's more of an icecream parlor atmosphere - and loud (I need some quiet to work).

Am I dreaming such a place exists? Or will I just have to hit a place like Manhattan Bagel or Starbucks and then go to the library?

New Year's Day Brunch in DC

I've experienced the same dilemma - try OpenTable - I know Hook is offering brunch...