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Searching best dosa

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Hampton Chutney - it's not the classic Dosa and Uttapam(?) but they do have classic style ones, very fresh and the dosa is almost always perfect. It is more take-away but has tables and the Cardamon coffee is to die for as is the Chai...

There is one on the Upper West Side, and I'm not sure what is happening with the one in Soho on Prince Street but a few months ago I ate there and was told they were being pushed out and would reopen on Grand Street. I don't see any opening announcement so either they are staying or the reopened location is not set yet.

Jun 11, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

Thanks everyone - some very good leads for bone broth and other kinds of butchery. I'm off this weekend with my list to try my hand at bone broth.

Jun 10, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

ooh I've got the list kathryn and will look for that farmer erica :) thanks

Jun 10, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

haha - speaking of broth, I didn't intend to say 'stock' as in soup, but rather, as in inventory. thanks for the link :)

Jun 09, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

do you know if Pino's usually has grassraised and/or organic stock? I have never been there (walked by only)

Jun 09, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

Curious if anyone at all gets into making bone broth. Yeah, I know, it's sticky hot out there today in NYC but I just defrosted a quart I had frozen from two months ago and got a yen to try my hand at it. I'm thinking it's pretty important for the sourcing of the bones. Prefer pasture-oriented sources...any thoughts for in Manhattan?

Beef: I get grassfed beef from Whole Foods but they rarely have bones.

Pork: There's a butcher place in Chelsea market has truly pasture Pork bones.

Chicken: Aside from the organic birds from Whole Foods, where else? Although they are organic, there is not much indication that they are Pasture Raised, which I prefer.

Turkey: Aside from doing the whole bird (from heritage birds), any other options? Also, it's a long time from Thanksgiving anyways...

Jun 09, 2015
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Black-Eyed Pea Vegan Burgers

Couldn't include a picture...doubled the recipe but ate every single one in a family of 3! Black eyed peas are severely under-appreciated. I made a batch and was on the lookout for tasty recipes to use and came upon this one. To the double recipe, I added a few more cloves of garlic, 1/2 tsp of cumin seed, a quarter of an onion and about 1/2 processed oatmeal, substituted Sricha for Tabasco and sauteed the mushrooms and alliums until browned, not just until softened. They were a smashing success; best vegiburger we've ever had.

Jan 25, 2015
chloe.speaks in Recipes

Ramen Setagaya (らーめん せたが屋) 1st Ave (btw 8 & 9)

I just went for dinner as a singleton, no wait at all. The hype is over I think -

it's very efficient; the waitpeople were nice and it's very clean, but I have to say I was sadly disappointed with my experience. I ordered the charsiu ramen with the separate thick noodles and the soup - both arrived tepid temperature. uh...what gives? i sat right in front of the chef team and the place was not at all crowded, like 85% or so full.

it was ok - but not heading back there in a hurry.

Feb 06, 2008
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Looking for a decent burrito in NY. ANyone have any suggestions.

Well, I think La Taqueria on 7th Avenue (2 blocks from Union - Garfield?) in Park Slope Brooklyn is decent. Very reminescent of San Francisco/Californian style (not the best from Cali, just a middle of the road Cali-type burrito).

In Chelsea, sometimes I will hit up Kitchen Market (though I haven't been for at least a year); good gourmet type burritoes, but very small and pricey. Close to this is a place on Greenwich Ave. on the south side btwn 7th and 8th Avenue that has good Mexican, though not necessarily burritoes - it's a sitdown type tacqueria.

Sometimes I will go to Uncle Moe's (14 W 19th St | Btwn 5th & 6th Ave) for a passable burrito or soft shell taco. I avoid Burritoville and Benny's.

I still miss El Farolito's in the Mission SF....

Mar 03, 2007
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Top 5 Burgers

my vote goes to Goodburger at 2nd Ave/43rd Street. They also have great meal on it's own shakes. luckily this is close to my work. the fries are also not bad; they stay pretty crispy on the way back to the office (if they make it that far). quite a few ppl in my office like this better than Shake Shack...

Dec 17, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Authentic Thai please!!

There is a new Thai place in the East Village that I recommend - it's Thailand Cafe on 2nd Avenue btwn 6th and 7th street. It's about time - there's so many Thai places around here, and not one of them is decent. I was only going to Pongsri on Bayard for the closest decent place.

Yes, I do know it was a mediocre place for many years that I never frequented after the trial run, but it's been taken over by new management; a Thai family who has completely refreshed the place. They opened as of last month and we've been back three times. They've got alot of things on the menu that I've never tasted in this country; many more things than the standard Pad Thai. Plus the family is so nice there.

Nov 05, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Best Thai Food?

Fake Orchid on East 9th Street is good; reminds me of something someone's Thai mom would make - the ladies are very sweet. They don't have delivery though.

Have to put my vote in for a new place Thailand Cafe. Now mind you it replaced an old very mediocre place of the same name, but its entirely new management and the food is great! Closet to being in Thailand Thai food I've had rather than americanized Thai food. It's on 2nd Avenue btwn 5th and 6th Street.

Nov 01, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Best Peruvian in 5 Boroughs?

okay, i don't know Peruvian food, but my Peruvian friend says this is the real deal:

482 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 349-1208

Nov 01, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Best CROISSANTS near E. 64 Street??

im with jennie and cloudy.

le pain quotidien is the best and right down the street from you!

Sep 13, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Good american chinese food in Manhattan

La Chinita Linda on 166 8th Avenue and 18th/19th. Yes, they have the menu side by side; not fusion cuisine, but the Chinese food is very "american" style. Still it's funny because you can order something from both menus. I like the Chopped Deep Fried Chicken - delicious and served with fresh lemon wedges (see it's like Asian style...) def. not Cuban.

Sep 04, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

WEIRD Dinner!

your aunt is referring to El Bulli in Barcelona, another "weird one" is the Fat Duck in England, but WD-40 is nearly as weird really.

foams, chemicals?....

well, when i ate there (tasting menu), i was served a cocoa udon which was essentially a beautiful bowl of cocoa broth that was clear and tan colored. it was served with a small squeeze tube - what came in the tube tasted/felt like marshmellow creme. when it was squireted into the broth, the outside seemed to solidify slightly enough to retain shape. so there were udons in there! the texture was still soft and foamy but definitely solid. we tried exposing the foam to air - nothing. we also squirted it into a bit of wine and a bit of water- nothing.... the broth wasn't strangely acid/alkaline or anything....

she hasn't been to any of these places eh? reading about it is not nearly as weird as experiencing it, and not half as fun! i know the descriptions on the menu don't actually describe how weird it is, but def. there is alot of foamy, cakey, fishy, strange flavor combinations. in fact, even as a pretty adventurous gourmet, after awhile, while very artful, it was almost too much. (ummm, tar tasting croutons with foie gras)

take her to wd-50 and go from there!

Aug 31, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Return of the Automat

they have a change machine.

and yes, it's like a japanese fast food place. everything is fried (almost) and they even have french fries with a bunch of differnt sauces ala pomme frite.

Aug 31, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Suggestions for Ultimate Annual Manhattan Chow Crawl

hmmm, perhaps it was when they first opened and trying to get a rhythm going. i was not impressed and i am a fan of restaurants like WD-50. i found the flavors ambitious but not quite on the mark.

Aug 20, 2006
chloe.speaks in Manhattan

Trader Joe's Wine

TJ can offer such prices because their bulk quantity is enormous. Every one of the bottles mentioned on here will make a medium sized vineyard rich just supplying them. And although I have no bones about the cheap and cheerful beverages they call wine here (i've drunk quite a few bottles myself); they are a different animal than the wine that is chirped about when you pay - say over $25 retail.

Aug 19, 2006
chloe.speaks in Wine