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Buying Wine in Bethesda

New to Bethesda downtown. Has anybody checked out Cork and Fork? My boss swears by this little wine store. He gets 10% off on his purchases cause he lives Upstairs, but he insists it is not the reason. He shows up with delicious winesI have never seen before. My wife went there and raves about it too. I need an independent opinion before holidays. Thanks!

French Toast Casserole

This reminds me of old days at the Bistro restaurant in Warrenton, VA when as a prep chef I had to make -with so much pleasure- trays of this easy and delicious pudding. What puts people off is the ..."X days old bread". The bread must be old, thus dry, so that it can absorb the yummy custard mixture and bake it in. Your version is very good. It is not a soggy mass that the English classic usually is as it calls for white sliced bread with crusts removed. Blah! A cubed apple or pear can be a substitute for raisins, just in case you are out of raisins.
Thanks for a lovely reminder!

Jan 28, 2009
vimumdelirium in Recipes

Divino in Bethesda

Probably because greasy, overcooked or sometimes burnt meat does not appeal to many, that's why. I went there several times with friends of various nationalities, including for a salsa evening, only because I was invited. Never on my dime!

Assaggi Mozzarella?

I went to Assaggi about a month ago on a Saturday night. It was about 8:30pm and they were gracious to accept the two of us without reservation. The place was packed. The tables were so close that all I could smell was the perfume on the woman on my left next to me which did not pair well with my food nor wine. On my right, the passageway was packed with people waiting at the bar. Some of them began leaning on our table. At the end we found ourselves squeezed between two evils: which one was the lesser? Strong perfume or Strange buttocks on the table? My out of town guest and I could not exchange a word the whole time because of the noise level. We just looked at each other and left just as soon as we had swallowed the last mouthful of the pasta. I think restaurant manager's duty is to control the flow to give the diners the optimum level of relaxation and comfort.

Buying Wine in Bethesda

Cakebread Chard. at World Market is $5.00 more than at the Cork&Fork in downtown B-da.

Mixed-Olive Tapenade

If you don't have olives you may use a can of white beans. Make it chunky. It is delicious
If you don't have anchovies use a can of very good sardines. Delicious on grilled pain paysan.

Dec 29, 2008
vimumdelirium in Recipes

Cheated Palmier

What brand of puff pastry do you use? I used Dufour, but the fat had a very unpleasant flavor. The beauty of palmiers is ibn the flavor of the butter, I think.

Dec 29, 2008
vimumdelirium in Recipes

Bea's Best Banana Bread

What you with unbeaten eggs? How to mix them with the rrest?

Dec 29, 2008
vimumdelirium in Recipes