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Quick, Casual Dinner before Tanglewood

A picnic sounds nice, but I hear the food scene is great and would love to hit as many restaurants as possible. I found a couple of places that sound somewhat promising; what about Great Barrington Bagels and Haven Bakery in Lenox. Are they worthwhile?

Quick, Casual Dinner before Tanglewood

I'm putting together plans for our first ever summer visit to Lenox. Everything's going well so far, with the exception that I can't seem to find anywhere for a quick dinner before we head to Tanglewood for the evening. Everywhere I've seen so far is a sit-down that requires a bit more time than we'll have. Any suggestions?

Thoughts on the Pioneer Valley

This reply is, oh, a year and a half late, but I completely disagree on The Roadhouse. My husband and I went there a couple of weeks ago and everything about our breakfast was miserable and honestly a bit pathetic. Sausage was served cold and tasted like brawn-n-serve; homefries were tooth-breakingly overcooked, unsalted, bland, and also cold; pancakes were far too sweet and dense, plus the blueberries in my husbands pancake had the bizarre texture of play-doh; our server was mediocre at best; and the dining room was stuffy, dirty looking, and magically humid AND cold simultaneously. Needless to say, we'll NEVER go back.

Bistro Zinc, Lenox Ma

I'm coming to the Berkshires in February and am looking for great places to have a nice dinner. Bistro Zinc sounds good, but I've gotten really mixed reviews from the various websites I've looked. Can any locals help me get the "truth" about this place?