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Grubhub vs. Seamless vs. eat24 vs. the others: are any of them better for the restaurants/delivery folks

I have been ordering from various of these websites; there is not one that seems consistently better to me. I am wondering whether any of them give a fairer deal to the restaurants (or their delivery people). I've heard that Seamless charges a substantial percentage of each order, but I don't know if that's accurate and I also don't know if any of its competitors are better. Anyone have any insight into this?

Jan 17, 2013
lef2009 in General Topics

Morrocan grocer?

I am looking for some basic Moroccan ingredients - harissa, orange blossom water, etc. Any leads on a grocer who would have them? Thanks.

Mar 11, 2011
lef2009 in Manhattan

Preserved Tuna (from the Zuni cookbook)

I just made it with some leftovers and am letting it cool. Any ideas on how long it lasts in the refrigerator?



Apr 22, 2007
lef2009 in Home Cooking

Veggies from the Farmers market

I'm taking three college students to dinner and the request is for places that make the most of what's in the farmers market. There are some obvious places -- Campanile, etc -- but they're a little rich for the present purpose. Any ideas for more modest restaurants?


Aug 12, 2006
lef2009 in Los Angeles Area