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Costco Business Center grand opening???

Went there today -- Nov 11 -- and yes, they carry Mexicoke in glass bottles.

Nov 11, 2010
thnarf in San Diego

Tokyo Table in Irvine - Mini Report with Video

On Valentines Day I had lunch with my GF at Tokyo Table — a fusion inspired Japanese restaurant that opened in the Diamond Jamboree shopping center in Irvine on October 2008. Below is a mini-report of this visit. For those that prefer video and pictures, much of this report is in the video at: -- for those that like to read, then read on!

Tokyo Table specializes in modern “Tokyo City Cuisine” which is essentially Izakaya style — think of a Japanese version of Spanish tapas — lots of small dishes for the group to share. The inside of the restaurants is very modern, with nice brown leather booths, and a very interesting wooden chandelier/sculpture in the middle of the dining room.

The menu contains much of the standard Japanese food you’d see at other Japanese restaurants, for example, sushi, ramen, and tempura, but also consists of a number of “fusion” items that are not your traditional Japanese Faire. The “specialties” at Tokyo table are 1) Tofu (our waiter told us they make fresh every 30-40 minutes) and 2) The sushi pizza (obviously on the fusion side of things).

Not being a huge tofu fan, we passed on the tofu, but we did order the sushi pizza as recommended by our waiter. We also ordered the pork Yakisoba noodles, and the shrimp Tempura.

The Yakisoba noodles ($8.95) were tasty — although it was topped with a bit too much of the Katsuobushi (fish flakes) for my liking. The amount of pork was also pretty minimal, but that is typical of most Yakisoba that I’ve had.

The Shrimp Tempura was also good. Fives pieces of shrimp for $8.95. It had just the right amount of batter, and not too greasy.

And finally — drum roll please……….. — the sushi pizza ($13.95). A pretty odd name for a dish, and let me start with saying that it was quite a bit better than I had expected. The sushi pizza starts with a layer of seaweed as the “crust”, is then topped with rice, crab meat, salmon meat, and a jalapeno. The sushi pizza is then baked, and served hot with a mini pizza serving spatula. The combination of the crab/salmon and jalapeno is surprisingly delicious. The jalapeno adds a bit of spark of the otherwise typical seafood flavor.

Tokyo Table is not your traditional Japanese faire, but it’s definitely tasty.

Tokyo Table is located at:
Diamond Jamboree Plaza
2710 Alton Pkwy.
Irvine, CA 92606

Tokyo Table Video Review:

Feb 15, 2009
thnarf in Los Angeles Area

There is good Thai food in San Diego

I visited Sab-E-Lee for the first time last week -- definitely the most authentic Thai food I've had in San Diego -- it's not often that you find a place that has a menu with Thai characters on it.

We ordered the Pad Thai (Shrimp), Yellow Curry with Duck, and the Tom Yum soup. The Pad Thai and curry were excellent -- the Tom Yum soup was a little strong for my tastes, but then again I'm probably more accustomed to the americanized versions. Though next time I'll pass on the Durian candies that they give out afterwards.

For those that are interested, I also put a video together from my recent trip which you can see here:

Jan 24, 2009
thnarf in San Diego

How to eat Xiao Long Bao (XLB)?

Hah... as often as possible! I'll agree to that!

Jan 01, 2009
thnarf in General Topics

How to eat Xiao Long Bao (XLB)?

Oooohh... Nibbling on the bottom! That makes sense... I was nibbling on the top, where it seems to be a bit tougher (and it squirted out near the bottom).

Dec 29, 2008
thnarf in General Topics

How to eat Xiao Long Bao (XLB)?

Okay... so I was at Din Tai Fung up in Arcadia this past weekend, putting together a video on "how to eat Xiao Long Bao." I followed the instructions on Din Tai Fung's chopstick wrapper.... but nibbled a bit too eagerly on the Xiao Long Bao and experienced a bit of dumpling soup explosion. You can see what I mean in the video here (near the end) :

The directions on the chopstick wrapper are:

1. Pour vinegar in to the small dish with ginger
2. Gently lift a dumpling and dip it in to the ginger vinegar
3. Place it on your spoon
4. Take a nibble on the dumpling skin and sip the juice (this is where disaster struck for me!
)5. Drizzle some vinegar and ginger on the dumpling
6. Enjoy

When I went looking around youtube, I saw some people say that after they put the dumpling on the spoon, they use their chopstick to poke a hole in the skin, and let the soup empty in to the spoon.

So I would ask, how do all of you Xiao Long Bao aficionados eat them?

Dec 29, 2008
thnarf in General Topics