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Babycakes NYC cookbook -vanilla frosting

You can find soy milk powder and coconut flour at Tutti Frutti at Kensington market. Essence of Life should also have all the ingredients. I found the icing too strong. The recipes are great though!

Oct 15, 2010
saira in Home Cooking

Gluten-free restos

What's your favorite gluten-free resto in TO? I am always looking for new places for gluten-free options!

Dec 28, 2008
saira in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best brunch in Roncesvalles/Ossington/High Park area?

Easy's on Ronces and Queen is great - though a little more pricier than some of the others. B on Dundas/Ronces is also cute (small space though).

Dec 28, 2008
saira in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

0% greek style yogurt

Whole Foods sells the little packs with fruit/honey on the side - not sure about the name.

Dec 28, 2008
saira in Ontario (inc. Toronto)