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ISO: Piquillo Peppers from Spain - in a jar

try they have them or Pimenton on mount pleasant...was just there last week

Treats from Spain

Thank you for suggesting Pimenton. I dropped by last week and found Spanish turron, mantecados and polvorones. I had no idea this beautiful store existed! Pusateris only has Italian torrone ...made completely differently. Also visited the St-lawrence market and found a great variety of Spanish cheeses but not much else. I also found a gem and I am hoping someone can attest to the quality of their products before I order. Has anyone purchased anything from La tienda

Toronto: Spanish groceries

Thank you! I didn't know about this store.

Where to find Polvorones, Mantecados, Roscos de Vino, Alfajores, almendras rellenas and Turron from Spain

Thank you so much! I'll visit them shortly.

Where to find Polvorones, Mantecados, Roscos de Vino, Alfajores, almendras rellenas and Turron from Spain

These products are traditional Christmas delicacies from Spain. I'm having a lot of trouble finding them. Has anyone seen these products in the GTA. I'm willing to travel to get them! Thanks so much for your help. Some of the brands I've purchased in Spain are La Estepena, el lobo, 1880

The Marble Slab Creamery

Has anyone else tried this place? I almost died at the price of the ice cream...$15 per person on average but what killed me is how AMAZING the ice cream is! They make it fresh in their location every day. They also make the waffle cones on the spot. I wonder if anyone is aware of what the ingredient list is??? Is it better than your average ice cream joint???? It seems like a glorified dairy queen with super prices but the ice cream is definitely amazing. Location: Zehrs Plaza at the corner of Yonge Street and Big Bay Point Road in Barrie's south end. Are there any locations in the GTA?

wine and cheese show

I found the same thing when I went to the Canada Blooms show at the Metro Convention Centre. It was smaller. It's $16 to get in + parking. I remember when all the sponsors would practically pay for your admission in samples of their products that you would take home. Corporations slash this kind of spending during these shows. Did you notice there were not as many corporate sponsors? It's because of lack of sponsorship given our economy.

Question about Rowe Farms

You may want to check out Dingo Farms. Jamie Kennedy gets all his meat from them. non GMO feed, no hormones, (flax, field pies, mustard and canola for their feed). The animals grow in an open concept stress free environment. They are also pasture raised.

They've also been featured on tvo.

Diabetic cookies

Ambrosia at Yonge and Steeles has a lot of sugar free cookies. Generally, your typical health food store would. Call them first to find out about the variety you want :)

Gluten Free Toronto

Have you tried Hemp flour? Check out this place. It's high in omega 3s!

It's just north of Barrie but they have their products at Longo's, Fortino's and Loblaw

A question about ordering in Chinese restaurants

What you experienced is typical for a casual Chinese restaurant. Fine dining would be different as the servers would be educated as to course order etc...Typically everything comes at once so that all can share. There isn't the traditional Western order of soup/apps first and then mains and dessert. EVERYTHING will come at once. Enjoy the variety!

Sustainable seafood in the GTA

Happy to have found a store that sells all of the above! The seafood Depot on Aviva drive in Woodbridge has them all and then even more rare ones! It's 25000 sq. ft of retail. I love it!!! I guess the message still hasn't caught on in North America. In France, Spain and Italy everyone demands sustainable fish and seafood. We are about 10 years behind (as usual)!

Sustainable seafood in the GTA

Canada has now regulated some practices. Loblaw company is the leader in labeling seafood and fish now. Hopefully, other merchants will follow suit. They have to say country of origin/wild or farmed and are liable. Sustainable fish eating is about eating fish that is not over fished/doesn't destroy coastal mangroves/get fisherman out of jobs etc...etc... like the list above. The list above is considered safe in protecting our oceans and fresh water basins.

"Pay what you can" restaurants

I saw an article in the globe on a Montreal restaurant offering a pay what you can promo to their clients. Do you know of any Toronto restaurants that have caught on? I know of Oscar's in Barrie. Anyone go to Oscar's?

Sustainable seafood in the GTA

Hi everyone!

I just finished reading Taras Grescoe's bottomfeeder - how to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood. I am looking for a variety of fish that would be safe to eat...wild/not farmed/not full of antibiotics or colour pellets and definitely from a reputable is the list...

Anyone know where to find it fresh?

arctic char; barramundi

halibut, pacific











whiting, blue

Best place to find fresh, local produce?

Culinarium has a CSA program...they deliver. They also have an artisanal winter program too. there's over 35 farms. I get my stuff from the organic ones that are listed.

Where to find Lobster on sale anywhere in Toronto?

Thank you kindly Azul H.

I'm looking for sales that are taking place in 2009, not 2008. Any insights would be great.

Only 2 or 3 places are mentioned in those links for the whole city. I'll keep looking. The cheapest I've found is T&T for $9.99/lb

Where to find Lobster on sale anywhere in Toronto?

I would greatly appreciate any tips! Anywhere in Toronto is fine! What are some good sale prices?

Young, pink Ontario lamb

Sides of pork are about 100 pounds, custom cut and wrapped to the customer’s specifi­cations. $3.65 per pound. Grass-fed beef, lamb and free-run poultry also available. 905-775‑5520,

You have to read that article! Buy directly from the Farmer and you'll get the freshest product!

Buying local / humane meat?

Check out these places!

It's always better to buy from a farmer! I've tried these places:

Toronto Life also put out a good article on it last year:

Click on the different links towards the bottom of the page. There's tonnes of farmers with great products!

Culinarium also has a CSA and artisan share program:

Anyone attending Barrielicious this year?

I've been wanting to try out Shutters and Michael and Marions but when I looked on the Shutter's website, they have "gourmet" mac and cheese as one of their mains. Not into it! Anyone attend last year's event? I tried winterlicious twice in Toronto and the portions were so minuscule and dried out (given they are prepared in advance) that I am a little apprehensive about doing it again. I thought I'd give this Barrie event I try given I live there now.

Good Eats in Barrie

What kind of items does Alfanoos offer? Is the food fresh? Do they have your classic Greek fare? I'd appreciate if you could tell me what some of their buffet items are. I always see them on and can't quite decide whether to get the certificates or not. Have never been to fishbowl but always see their weekly "all you can eat specials" on their sign like mussels, fish and chip and shrimp. The entire Bayfield strip seems to have all you can eat daily specials at most restaurants on top of their menu specials. Has anyone been to Fran's? I've been meaning to try it but don't know if it's as good as the one downtown Toronto.

Good Eats in Barrie

Barrie has become a little more diverse with its cuisine so it depends what you are looking for. There's a PHO place on Bryne Drive on the way to the Cineplex which is great. Oscar's downtown is one of my faves for fine dining. Accross the street from Oscar's is a new Thai place. Green Mango, Michael and Marion's, North, Tara's indian cuisine and Nawab are pretty good. There's a zillion restaurants that have just opened in the downtown core.

Has anyone tried Foodies on Bayfield Street in Barrie?

I've heard it's like a gourmet bulk barn but haven't made the treck there. Anyone been in that area lately?

President's Choice Insiders Report

Their teas are amazing, the ones that come in a tin can. Memories of China - green tea with jasmine flowers as well the english, chai, roiboos are also awesome! I'm a completely devoted pc brand shopper. The Spanish jamon serrano is also great and their chorizo. The lemon tart is amazing. I haven't found a product I haven't liked yet...oh actually...wasn't too pleased with their nan bread. It was more like pita bread...outside of this awesome products!

Breakfast Tapas style?

The restaurant Barcelona in Etobicoke does Tapas but I don't know if they'd do them for breakfast. You can give them a call. There's an awesome Brunch place on Church and Front but you have to make reservations.

New Aji Sai on Queen - AYCE

The AjiSai in Barrie is amazing! I eat there every week and the sashimi is so fresh. I've never been there for their lunch menu since it doesn't have sashimi. It's always dinner for $18.99. The service could improve quite a bit since many of the waitresses tend to pretend not to see you after your first order. You have to order everything you want right at the beginning and it slowly streams in and makes its way to your table. I have the chirashi at Ichiban at Yonge and Sheppard every once and a while and the food is not as fresh as the ajisai in Barrie. This really blew my mind but it's amazing for Barrie!