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Small birthday dinner

I should add that though I am intrigued by the "moecular gastronomy" stuff, I haven't been to any of those places yet. I too wonder how Dufresne is viewed right now.

Also, I love doing tasting menus.

Sep 03, 2006
durlando in Manhattan

What could be better than a week in NYC?

I only have a couple of comments:

Regarding breakfast: Patisserie Claude has the most amazing croissants. They rival anything you'd find in Paris. However, considering your other comments, you may want to get your coffee elsewhere. I get mine from home, which I guess is not so helpful. I'm sure others will have something for you.

Pastis: I cannot go to this place because of the hugely annoying scenesters the patrons seem to be. I have been there once for dinner, and it seemed fine, nothing great.

Lunch: I love the Shake Shack. That is all.

Sep 02, 2006
durlando in Manhattan

Small birthday dinner

I am treating myself to a birthday dinner and am willing to spend some cash. Not Masa-level cash, but some. I love both traditional and experimental European and American food, and also really enjoyed my last birthday outing, which was to Nobu.

I don't get to the really high-end places terribly often (being an avid home cook and not that wealthy), so most are unknown to me. Here are some I was considering:

-Del Posto (or one of the other Batali properties, such as Babbo--I've still never been there!)
-One of the BLT properties (probably BLT Steak)


Sep 02, 2006
durlando in Manhattan

Impromptu alfresco downtown?

Since it is absolutely beautiful out today, I was thinking of having an impromptu dinner at a place w/outside tables. I work and live in the West Village, but would be willing to travel a little. I'm looking for a place that's not terribly expensive and am hoping not to have to wait for hours.

Aug 11, 2006
durlando in Manhattan