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Best sushi in Edmonton

There is a new place, small, mostly take out in Ellerslie called Kami Sushi. It only has a few seats. I work in that area, and have been quite impressed. The rice is a little different, but the fish was very fresh.

Need a new fishmonger in Edmonton

Superstore on Calgary Trail has good fish as well. I can't vouch for the other locations.

Bistro Praha

I no longer work downtown, but had an early morning meeting, and as I passed Bistro Praha, I noticed the windows had brown paper over them.

Is Bistro Praha still open at its new location?

Edmonton Assistance

Double Greeting Wonton Noodle House is very good Cantonese. It's a bit grungy, and in a spotty area, but if you walk along Jasper Avenue first, and at noon, you'll be fine.

What food find still haunts you - that you had once and haven't found since?

Kyivsky torte. It is made only in Kyiv, Ukraine. I first had it in the 1980's. It is a layered cake, with rich buttercream, hazelnuts, and meringue layers. Its texture is what makes it so unique.

Apparently, the recipe was "discovered" at a cake factory when one of the workers made a mistake in the ingredient mix. Other cities have tried to duplicate the recipe, which is "top secret", but the original is still the best.

Jun 06, 2010
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Planet Organic

I am not surprised by this news. I used to shop at The Big Fresh in Edmonton. It generally had outstanding organic produce, and lots of "neat" new products. When they sold to Planet Organic, I noticed a marked deterioration in the quality. I was disappointed, and I have never been wowed by Planet Organic. I now shop at Safeway and, on occasion, Save on Foods (the Calgary Trail store usually has the best organic produce) for organic produce. In both cases, the organic produce is usually consistent, and cheaper than Planet Organic. I don't get the same selection, but I don't have to make a special trip for the "hope" I'll find a good product.

New recommended restaurants in DT Edmonton?

I also recommend Normands, which is just past 116 Street on Jasper Avenue.

Edmonton restaurant review of the month - October (Karmel)

Sorry your experience wasn't better.

FTR, goat is only tasty if the goat is under a year old.

best ginger beef in Edmonton? Anything else special that I should/could try while in Edmonton for a few days?

On Taste of Ukraine, I have a Ukrainian mother, so I will say while it is authentic, it is not particularly tasty.

I suggest Wild Tangerine for something different as well.

medovnik in vancouver?

I would be surprised if you could find one. Medivnik is traditionally a Christmas cake.

If you want a good recipe that is pretty failproof, try any of the ones in Savella Stechishin's "Traditional Ukrainian Cookery".

Edmonton Coffee - 105 St NW & 103 Ave NW

I can't comment on Three Bananas, but Credo is a much closer walk.

perogies in Edmonton

I have never found perogies (or varenyky - I'm a purist) as good as my baba's. So, every 3 months, I set aside a Saturday and make a big batch, then freeze them. That way, I have the perfect varenyky when I want them. Martha Stewart has pretty decent recipes for dough and even fillings.

walking distance from Edm. Delta hotel?

I would add to that list Characters, which is a short walk from your hotel. It is open both at lunch and dinner. I would walk through the Boardwalk building if you are visiting in the evening.

I also recommend Wild Tangerine for lunch. You can walk there, though it is a bit of a trek, but it is less than 5 minutes by car.

Edmonton food for Calgarian

I suggest either Culina location. Or Wild Tangerine for their lollipop shrimp.

I have posted this before - if I didn't live in Edmonton, my first stop would be Marcheshyn's for kobassa.

Best sushi in Edmonton

I think it has gone downhill. I used to visit the downtown location very frequently. The lunch combo is not as good, and the salmon nigiri is inconsistent in quality. Sometimes, very good, and other times, terrible. I too have had problems with maki rolls falling apart.

Prairie Mill Bread Co. - Edmonton

I laughed when I read this, because we do buy Prairie Mills' white bread for the kids' lunches. They love the taste, and I rarely have leftovers. If I add fruit and veggies, one piece of bread is enough. It is very heavy bread.

My husband likes their raisin bread and the multigrain (not sourdough), but I find it too heavy. I think it is a good accompaniment for soup, not an "every day" bread. I checked the calorie count, and it is almost double that of most breads.

For years, the whole family ate nothing but Bee Bell's 7 grain bread, but the kids want white bread (like their friends), and sadly, I think Bee Bell's bread has really deteriorated, particularly in the last eighteen months or so. I don't even buy 7 grain anymore, and would like to find a good alternative.

edmonton gardening question (seedlings)

I know Hole's has organic seedlings. I bet most of the greenhouses do as well. Apache seed on 149 Street may have them too.

High end ingredients - Edmonton

I remember those times, felix. The staff also viewed each other as family. I think that started to change when it was discovered one of the cashiers was stealing cash (before they went electronic). Now, they have a problem with new staff deciding if they will show up for work.

We now shop at the SS location too, and it just isn't as well run as the old location used to be. But I noticed a shift in service a few years before the SS location opened. That said, some of the SS staff have a real attitude. I was waiting to be served on a fairly slow day at the SS deli, and the guy at the counter was slapping meats on paper and folding it. A Polish couple came in, and he wrapped their meat up nicely. Handing it back, he said to them (in Polish) something to the effect of he treated the "beasts" (farm animals), meaning Canadian born customers, in the manner animals deserve to be treated, and of course, the pigs were too stupid to even notice. They all had a good laugh about it, while the woman still waiting to be served (me) didn't acknowledge I understood every singel word. But the attitude was one of smug superiority. Even without the words, you can notice it in the way some of the staff serve customers. There isn't a great oversight of the deli in either location.

Cafe de Ville - Edmonton - brunch

Is it smoky in the restaurant? My son has hockey practices in the arena, and I can smell the casino smoke from there! For me, any whiff of smoke would ruin my dining experience.

Edmonton Kid-friendly?

There is also a Smitty's you can walk to for breakfast from the Delta. Not great food, but managing kids there shouldn't be a problem.

The Italian Centre which was mentioned above carries unique products. They have great imported prosciutto and there is a Portguese olive oil there that is very good (lots of brands to satisfy personal tastes).

Personally, I am partial to Marcheshyn's kobassa and I don't think you can get that in Calgary, but that's a bit off your path.

Another option for lunch not far from the mall is Flamingo's Steak and Pizza 15835 87 Avenue. I haven't been there in a while, but it is kid friendly, a standard "Greek" type pizza/steakhouse that's not a chain.

Russian/Ukr. food in Edmonton

pengcast, you are wrong about pyrohy (in Eastern Ukraine, called "varenyky"), cabbage rolls and borscht being "settler food". You will find these foods in restaurants in Kyiv, particularly varynyky. The fillings are much more varied in Ukraine than we normally find here - more meat (also served in Russia), more fruits, particularly cherries, which are abundant in Ukraine, and more varieties of cheeses, which we don't really have here.

Borscht made with beets is a very typical Ukrainian dish, as most beets are grown in Ukraine. Most true Ukrainian borschts do not have a significant amount of cabbage in them. Cabbage soups were much more common in Russia than in Ukraine, and blini were a staple in Russian restaurants, though this is hardly a sophisticated taste.

There are dishes which were served in restaurants in both Ukraine and Russia, such as Salad Olivier, different types of shish kebobs, and chicken and fish dishes. Mushrooms are big in both cultures, and Russians have a very unique and tasty mushroom soup.

Personally, I prefer Marcheshyn's sausage to that of Mundare, but this is a personal preference.

And yes, the food store is in Callingwood, although the Italian Centre carries some Russian foods, as well as East European (particularly Polish) products.