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Choosing range top - want open burners

I know my choices are limited to Blue Star, or a 4 burner Five Star. Some say Wolf is an open burner, but it didn't look that way to me. The Blue star turns me off for having a cast iron griddle, that reverses to a grill. If the fats from the meat cannot drip down and make a cloud of flavor smoke - is it a grill? I don't understand the function because I have a portable pan with raised ridges(their grill) and a portable griddle pan.

The Five Star looked interesting until I couldn't get open burners on the 6 burner rangetop.

At this point since it looks like the only option is sealed burners, I will go with Kitchenaid for the price difference.

My dream cooktop:

All burners are the same power, say 18btu or maybe bigger since I'm on LP. All burners will reduce to a low simmer. All burners are open. The grates are not porcelain coated but just cast iron. I would accept a griddle as long as it is integrated into the stove top and not a Lodge pan.

Does this exist?


Apr 28, 2010
TxTee in Cookware

Master Chef Lift off griddle/grill from Rocky Mountain Cookware

I am mesmerized by this griddle - and I'm doing a kitchen remodel. It seems like this would take the pressure off choosing the cooktop with the perfect combo on top - and could just get 6 burners.
Has anyone used this gorgeous hunk of metal? I'm a griddle groupie


There is also a griddle/grill combo

Apr 11, 2010
TxTee in Cookware

The Ice Orb

Please tell me the ice just falls out when you tip it - like in the video. Please?

May 13, 2009
TxTee in Cookware