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Do You Own a VENT A HOOD Exhaust Hood Over Your Stove??

I have a PRH18-236 Vent a hood that is about 4 years old. I ordered it in a black finish which is still good. I am not able to clean it. If I could stand on my counter directly up under it, it might be possible, but my range is there and will not support my weight. Plus I would have to be on my knees and that would hurt. How does one reach up there and unscrew what needs to be unscrewed when it is too high, too far and very full of grease. I thought maybe you just draped the entire kitchen and blasted it with steam. I did not receive any manuals with it. Are they available on line anywhere? Thanks for suggestions.

Mar 21, 2015
TxTee in Cookware

Choosing range top - want open burners

I know my choices are limited to Blue Star, or a 4 burner Five Star. Some say Wolf is an open burner, but it didn't look that way to me. The Blue star turns me off for having a cast iron griddle, that reverses to a grill. If the fats from the meat cannot drip down and make a cloud of flavor smoke - is it a grill? I don't understand the function because I have a portable pan with raised ridges(their grill) and a portable griddle pan.

The Five Star looked interesting until I couldn't get open burners on the 6 burner rangetop.

At this point since it looks like the only option is sealed burners, I will go with Kitchenaid for the price difference.

My dream cooktop:

All burners are the same power, say 18btu or maybe bigger since I'm on LP. All burners will reduce to a low simmer. All burners are open. The grates are not porcelain coated but just cast iron. I would accept a griddle as long as it is integrated into the stove top and not a Lodge pan.

Does this exist?


Apr 28, 2010
TxTee in Cookware

Master Chef Lift off griddle/grill from Rocky Mountain Cookware

I am mesmerized by this griddle - and I'm doing a kitchen remodel. It seems like this would take the pressure off choosing the cooktop with the perfect combo on top - and could just get 6 burners.
Has anyone used this gorgeous hunk of metal? I'm a griddle groupie

There is also a griddle/grill combo

Apr 11, 2010
TxTee in Cookware

The Ice Orb

Please tell me the ice just falls out when you tip it - like in the video. Please?

May 13, 2009
TxTee in Cookware