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Johnny's Fill Station - Review

Went last night for my first time. I had always heard great things about the restaurant, and was not disappointed. The burgers were great, the atmosphere fantastic and the bill very small.
Import beers will run you under $4 and the burgers themselves are anywhere between ~$6-$8 depending on size (1/4lb vs. 1./2 lb) and toppings. I ordered mine medium and it came out a little overdone. All condiments came on the side and no make sure you ask. The bun was slightly toasty and delicious. Also tried the pulled pork sandwich which I was unimpressive. I love a Carolina style BBQ dish as much as the next guy...but the vinegar came on too strong and lingered well after the first and last bites. The tater tots were a huge surprise. Never see them on a menu so we tried them. Perfect. Crunchy, a touch of salt and piping hot. Yum. Also had the steak and regular fries which were standard for steak fries.
The atmosphere was great. Jukebox, pool tables, flat screens everywhere, and a fun crowd. From college kids to parents with their young kids – everyone was thoroughly enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and great food. There's also an outdoor area with live music. While it was a beautiful evening out and we had every intention of sitting outside, the infectious energy of the kitschy interior and friendly wait staff was too strong. After a burger, a few beers, great music and a fun crowd...we decided that outside could wait until our next visit.

Mar 21, 2009
chow22 in Florida

How can I make Mexican food as good as Frida Taqueria?

I'm based in NYC and while New York has a great deal of fantastic restaurants, one crticism the city has received over the years is that its lacking in true AUTHENTIC Mexican food. Sure Rosa Mexicana and the like are good...but on a recent trip to LA we had the opportunity to try Frida Taqueria. The menu was small, but the each dish (and I tried them all) reflected a true commitment, passion, and experience with Mexican food and culture. People often comment that Mexican is Mexican...beans are beans and tacos are tacos. The small taqueria proves that this is NOT the case. Here's my can I learn to make tacos taste as good and as authentic as those at Frida's? Who should I talk to? I'm willing to take a class for a week to learn the ins and outs of how to perfect this cuisine!!
Any recommendations?

Mar 21, 2009
chow22 in Not About Food

Denver Special Occasion Dining

We just moved to Denver from NYC, and I would like to take my wife out to a special dinner for our anniversary as well as to celebrate the move. I would appreciate any suggestions along the lines of New American or Italian. Something special and unique. Thanks!

Aug 11, 2006
chow22 in Southwest