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Wine pairing... with hot dogs?

Somebody eluded to this a little but hots dogs and pink wines are a good match. Tempranillo based roses i think are killer for grilling. They are not too simple have some body and usually very affordable. Another rose to think about is Cab Fran based one from the Loire (Saumur i think), green pepper notes and bone dry quality fit in nicely with hot dogs. On the white side i think Chenin Blanc has been left out of the conversation. Simple slighty off dry Loire valley chenin blanc pairs well with the spice and meat of a hot dog especialy with a little kraut on it. As for reds CARMENERE is my choice. Once again typicaly very afforable.

Apr 16, 2007
arv in Wine

One Day in San Fran

I am going to be in San Francisco on Sunday August 20th. I like to eat and i like good food, i don't care if it is a street taco for a dollar or a tasting menu for $100 as long as it is good. I have the entire day to myself on Sunday and have never been to SF. I would like to eat and drink my way through the city. My plane doesn't leave till wee hours of monday morning. Please guide me.

w/o wax


Aug 11, 2006
arv in San Francisco Bay Area