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Gigante beans - where to buy? (aka gigande, hija)

Does anyone know of a store in the city that sells dried gigante beans (aka gigande or hija)?
Preferably at a price per pound that is less than filet mignon.

Feb 25, 2010
RUdunwiththat in Manhattan

Pho. The best in NYC. Where it is. No phooling around.

Wow, thanks. I haven't checked out the Brooklyn scene at all.
Can't wait!

Aug 12, 2006
RUdunwiththat in Outer Boroughs

Pho. The best in NYC. Where it is. No phooling around.

Who knows pho?
I've been in the city 3 years and have had noting but disappointing pho experiences. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think growing up in Arlington VA, in the bosom of a fairly large Vietnamese immigrant community, that I was spoiled with regards to pho (and Vietnamese food in general).
Has anyone ever eaten at the Pho 75 on Wilson Blvd.? If you have then you have tasted pho. Oh yes. Not the bouillon cube broth and wilted basil stuff you get at places with things on the menu which are non-pho. There should be only PHO on the menu! If there is a menu at all!
Please help me find the true pho.
Thank you.

Aug 11, 2006
RUdunwiththat in Outer Boroughs