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Please comment on my Miami restaurant choices

I can help with the cuban restaurant/hole in the wall combo...there's a small place in West Hialeah called Mesa BBQ which is not a BarBQue place at all but they have great country cuban food. If you like pork, this is the place to go...they have all other cuban dishes too but their "pork belly cracklings" are the best - they are called "chicharon de puerco". You will def enjoy their food. Clean place but small and they usually have a line outside for take out but you can also dine in. If you are interested in traveling to Hialeah from the beach, let me know, you will not regret it.

Leftover bits of cheese?

hello, i'm new here, I found this site today looking for a sugar free bread pudding and had to sign up! About all that cheese, my first thought was to make mac and cheese like someone else suggested as i love mac and cheese. I make it often with whatever cheeses I have around. You can't go wrong with the cheeses you have, it sounds like it could make a great dish. Good luck.

Dec 26, 2008
guiragirl in Cheese