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Zen Bars

I'm sorry to see so many bad reviews, my family loves these bars. From my husband to my 3 year-old son. I've them to other family and friends and with exception to a person who doesn't like ginger, never heard a bad thing about these bars. I've had the crumbly prob too, but still delicious. I think they set better when I process the graham crackers thru the food processor until like sand.

Jan 12, 2013
cecesmum in Recipes

Cheese Enchiladas

I loved this recipe. I have been making enchiladas for years with a similar recipe, but the frying of the tortillas makes a world of difference. My enchiladas, although tasty, were always gummy. These have a wonderful texture, slight crunch around the edge. The only downside was the quality of the leftovers, not as good next day.
I also tried the gravy using canned chipotles in adobo instead of the dried peppers (skipping the boiling step) and the gravy was amazing, deep and smoky with sweet hot note. I also added a swipe of refried beans before filling the tortillas with cheese, I think that added a "meatier" flavor and texture.
My new fav enchiladas!!

Jan 28, 2009
cecesmum in Recipes