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Scratch 786 off the list, it's been taken over by new management. It's now a buffet and no sign of that amazing biryani.

foodie family of five - where to eat in Paris?

Souphie, I'm glad to hear that and I'll hope tthat we won't run into any "idiots". We've got a 15 year old with us, but he's old enough to handle himself well in a restaurant and doesn't need to be entertained. Thank you for the feedback!

John, your blog is wonderful and thank you for the recommendations. Frenchie and Spring do seem to be a write-off, especially since we'll be travelling to Paris fairly soon. However, the other places sound great and I'm really looking forward to trying them.

Hychka, thank you for the tip, I've put the Barbes market on our itinerary. It sounds like it'll be fun. I might also check out John's neighbourhood in the18th - I'd like to get out of the touristy areas of Paris as well.

I have one more question about ordering in restaurants - is it considered rude to ask for a tasting menu that doesn't have pork or alcohol? Perhaps stick to the a la carte menu?

Thanks to all of you for the advice, its much appreciated!

Sep 24, 2010
bumblebee_tdot in France

foodie family of five - where to eat in Paris?

Hi everyone. We're a foodie family who are looking for Paris dinner reccomendations in comfortable and unpretentious environments.

We're arabs who don't speak French (I'm brushing up basic French to be polite), and our group includes my mom who wears a headscarf. While we're really looking forward to trying amazing French food, we'd also like to be cautious about going to restaurants where we won't be treated well or where we'll stick out like a sore thumb.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions for multi-cultural environments - or warm and welcoming - that have excellent French food.

Also, I've been reading CH and John Talbott's blog for restaurant tips, and I've heard suggestions like Spring, L'Ami Jean, Ze Kitchen, Le Regalade, L'Aromatik, Frenchie, etc. It may be hard to get reservations, but I wonder if you'd reccomend these places?

Your help would be really appreciated!

Toronto CHer

Sep 23, 2010
bumblebee_tdot in France

Dundas Square ...dundas and victoria area - lunch advice perrlease

If you're looking for a decent curry, try the chicken vindaloo at Matagali.

It's a little hole in the wall on Elm off of Bay, just a few minutes from Dundas square. The serve thai and indian food. I haven't tried any of their other dishes, but the vindaloo is great.

See this thread for more reviews:

Matagali Restaurant
69 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H2, CA


There's a place called 786 on gerrard east - its right across from lahore tikka house. Great chicken biryani, the meat is moist and the rice has tons of flavor. Ask for the super spicy to get more of the golden onions and spices. The biryani is $4 on special and $8 regular.

Who's serving hot toddies in downtown Toronto?

7 West at Yonge and Charles. They have a decent apple cinammon peach schnapps, and a couple of other hot drinks on the menu. Plus they're open 24 hours a day.