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Taco stand at 2nd and Beaudry


Think "Kee Kehs," not the other....

Sunpower Natural Cafe

I'm not a vegan. I'm not a vegetarian. I LOVE Sunpower Cafe. The "burger," the "pizza," and the awesome desserts. They are very nice too. Please do not write this place off because it is vegan. It is really just good food.

Help! Need First Date Beer/Snack Place Eagle Rockish...

Hello Helpful Hounds,

It has been decreed that I meet someone for the first time over a beer. Hopefully a very good artisan/craftsman/semi to fully schmancy beer. Ideally with acceptable bar food available. One suggestion that I have received outside of chowhound is the Edendale Grill. I'm looking for something closer to Eagle Rock for freeway convenience (for me). The other person is in Highland Park. Price is not a big concern, decent atmosphere for a conversation is. Thank you in advance.

Edendale Grill
2838 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich in Los Angeles?

Could you be a bit more helpful, counselor? Especially as there is a Callahan's in Santa Monica and another in Azusa....

Rodded Table Condiment--Please help

They have a sambal-esque yellow tinted condiment on the tables at Rodded. Our server said they make it in house. Can anyone familiar with it guide me to the closest approximation I could buy? Thank you.

5623 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Agedashi Tofu Love Story--Your help needed.

A recent first date over agedashi tofu at Haru Ulala has blossomed into a rare and spectacular connection. As some couples have "their song," I believe that we will have "our dish." Any suggestions for decent agedashi tofu in the valley? Our next date will be in the Lake Balboa area on a Sunday. Thank you!

Haru Ulala
368 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Best Fried Chicken

POLL: Who makes the best pork chop rice?

So you were snippy about a suggestion that was in response to your own query. Why would you solicit opinions from others just to shoot them down, especially if you already hold such a clear opinion? It renders the thread useless for those of us actually interested in what others have to say.

POLL: Who makes the best pork chop rice?

ipsedixit (the one without the space),

Care to be more helpful than negative and suggest a place or two?

I'd apply that request to many of your postings here. Thank you.

Pioneer Chicken Sunset near Fountain

you're thinking of Popeyes, not Pioneer.

Oktoberfest is a scam - Next year, you're forewarned: caveat emptor!

Their website claims they were a victim of "ticket fraud!"

Bad Experience at Church & State (long)

What you describe is no more than what you should expect when you choose to add to the patronage of hyped and "hip" restaurants. You're sharing space with a lot of people who do not care a whit about the ultimate quality of food and service--they just want to be there. Right now, at least, Church and State doesn't have to do better, because the balance of power has shifted to the house After all, it was PANDEMONIUM in there.

The Miso at Haru Ulala--I must eat it every minute! Please help me find some!

You are AWESOME!!! Thank you. Now to find it in Los Angeles...

The Miso at Haru Ulala--I must eat it every minute! Please help me find some!

I always thought of "miso" as a smooth paste in a tub. At Haru Ulala in Little Tokyo, they serve the Moro-Q (cucumber with miso) with a reddish substance that still appears to have the individual beans defined in it (they were tiny). It is one the most delicious things I have EVER tasted. I asked if they made it themselves or brought it in, and was told they buy it--I think the nice person said they get it from Nishimoto Trading Company, but I don't know how to specifically refer to the product.

If you are familiar with this substance they put on their Moro-Q, and can help me get closer to having it in my house, I will be SO STOKED! And full!!

Catering for picnic type event (burbank/studio city)

Hello kind Chowsters,

I'm organizing an appreciation day for the volunteers of a local animal rescue organization. Looking to get an on-site taco truck/BBQ/pizza truck or similar in the 10 to 15 dollar pp range for 40 people. I can research earlier threads, but was hoping someone would have a top of mind idea about such a caterer who could provide a vegetarian option without running up the cost. Thank you.

Wendy's menu pricing

Might it come with unlimited refills?

May 22, 2009
Public_Offender in Chains

"Salad and Meat, no bread for Lent." Sherman Oaks-ish

I am entertaining a friend tomorrow night who described his food proclivities as in the title. I'm thinking maybe a steakhouse with ala carte sides would fit his requirements, but might anyone have any other ideas in the Sherman Oaks general area? Thanks.

Asparagus Pizza near Pasadena???

This may be further from Pasadena than you'd like, but:

Coole Swan Liqueur in Los Angeles?

Saw the Supertaster write up and would like to get a bottle. I tried Bev Mo and Greenblatt's, but no luck. If anyone has seen tis locally, please advise. I'm in Studio City and would gladly travel up to, say, 20 miles to get some. Thanks!

CHINATOWN- is there anything worth it?

Oh boy! Is there some substance underneath that comment? Is it that in its ingredients or preparation or presentation that the food is actually more like another cuisine? Is it that the food is objectively deficient in some way which renders it outside the sphere? Or do you just not care for it? Your all heat, no light smarm isn't helpful without some elaboration.

New, from Jack In The Box!

Saw this via QSR magazine:

"Taco Nachos feature the chain's famous crunchy tacos topped with cheddar cheese sauce, melted pepper jack cheese, and jalapeƱo slices served with a side of fire-roasted salsa."

If you look on the Press Release area on the JIB site, there is a picture of this ......thing.

Oh Boy! If any takes a hit for the team, let us know how it is.

Jan 29, 2009
Public_Offender in Chains