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Sushi at home in Burlington VT

Anybody know where I can purchase salmon roe in the Burlington area? Google didnt really turn up much in the way of Asian groceries, just one place that was described as 'mostly Indian'.


Cambridge/St Michaels/Easton MD - where to go?

Looking for family friendly picks for our trip next week to Maryland. We're staying outside of Cambridge, but anything in the area would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jun 06, 2008
GITNYC in Mid-Atlantic

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

On this list, I've only been to Aberdeen which I thought was good, but not excellent. I've had much better dim sum at quite a few other places (although not in the NYC metro area).

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

I forgot one other place - the bagel shop in the Quaker Ridge shopping center in New Rochelle has really good bagels.

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

I've been in Westchester for a year and with a new baby, I'm yet to make too many discoveries worth making a special trip to. I would love to hear about some more...

My picks

1) Blue Hill at Stone Barn
2) Kneaded Bread

Other than that I've had ok to good food several places, but these are the only two I would put on my exceptional list. What would you say is exceptional in Westchester for food - bakeries, restaurants, grocers, anything?


Oktoberfest Foods in Westchester

I am planning an Oktoberfest party and need sources of good sausages and other traditional food for about 30 people. Any suggestions of good places in Westchester? (we're in the Pelham/New Rochelle area, but would travel for good food or catering)


Kid friendly Chatham area recs - clams a plus

We've heading to Chatham the w/e before the 4th for the first time. We will have our 2 y/o and 2 month old. Any recommendations for casual kid-friendly restaurants? We love fried clams, chowder, & fried fish, but any suggestions would be great.


Toddler friendly lunch suggestions in Greenwich?

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Need Rec for dinner out in burns (besides Blue Hill)

Just moved to the burns and am looking for a nice place to try for my anniversary. We just went to Blue Hill at Stone Barn for my birthday and really enjoyed it. I have heard that many of the other places out here are not worth the $$$. Our favorite places to hit in the city were Hearth, Babbo, Nobu & Lupa. Thanks for any suggestions!

Best Dim Sum in China Town

Used to always go to the place with the escalators, but understand they've had some serious health code violations that caused them to shut down a little while back. I know they're back up and running, but maybe I should look into other options... Thanks

Feb 16, 2007
GITNYC in Manhattan

Moving to Pelham - delivery, take out - where do you go?

Moving to Pelham in a month and need suggestions for delivery and take-out in the area. Doesn't have to be right in Pelham, but within 15 minutes or so.


Best take home from Grand Central

What do you like from Dishes? My husband loves their soups, do they have those available for take home?

Jan 09, 2007
GITNYC in Manhattan

Best take home from Grand Central

We're moving out to Westchester in a few weeks, and I was wondering what people bring home from Grand Central - meals, produce, fish, meats, etc. - if anything.


Jan 06, 2007
GITNYC in Manhattan

Toddler Friendly Eats in W. Village?

Looking to branch out this w/e. Any recs for the West Village that would be good with a toddler (i.e. high chairs, understanding hosts/servers)? Thanks!!!

Aug 11, 2006
GITNYC in Manhattan